Sunday, December 6, 2009

NCIS: Los Angeles - Predator (1x03) quote

Screenshot by sindee from All rights reserved.

SAM: So.
SAM: I wanna know.
KENSI: You want to gossip at my expense.
SAM: Come on. How did it go last night? Date number two.
KENSI: It didn't. Canceled.
G: He canceled?
KENSI: I canceled. It wouldn't have ended well. It's pretty much over.
SAM: I thought the first date went great.
KENSI: Look, you guys. I am the best first date girl in town. I mean, I bring my A game. Funny. Flirty. Charming, Spontaneous. Tasteful.
SAM: Like me.
G: And the second?
KENSI: Second date. Antsy. Bored. Distant. Impatient. Irritable.
SAM: Like G.
KENSI: I decided to safe everybopdy some trouble. End it early and embrace my skill site.
G: The first date is the last date.
KENSI: Absolutely.

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