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Daniela Ruah "Secret Agent Woman"

Our investigation of NCIS: LOS ANGELES’ sexy special agent Daniela Ruah reveals a stunningly versatile star on

LL Cool J Announces Tour with DJ 'Z-Trip'

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LL Cool J talks about NCIS: Los Angeles, the Grammys and more

Mostly a transcript from the previous posted interview video but with a new picture from the "Deadline" (3x04) set on

Shane Brennan supports Playmakers’ Scribe Showrunner Initiative

Scribe was launched in 2011 with the support of Screen Australia’s Enterprise Program.

Inaugural participants Matt Ford (Panic at Rock Island, Slide) and Shelly Birse (Lockie Leonard, Wildside) are both currently in broadcaster funded development on their own Scribe projects.

Another Scribe success story is the newly announced Nine Network series, House Husbands, co-created by Drew Proffitt and Ellie Beaumont.

House Husbands is a 10 part drama series about four Australian families with one thing in common: the men are in charge of raising the kids.

Filming commenced in Melbourne this week.

In the next few weeks, Shane Brennan will mentor three of the 2012 participants: Blake Ayshford (Love My Way, The Straits), Sarah Lambert (Love My Way, Dance Academy) and Giula Sandler (McLeod’s Daughters, Rescue: Special Ops).

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Learn more about the program on

LL Cool J at the Shaw Media Upfront

LL Cool J for Toys of Hope

LL Cool J @ airport in Aruba May 2012

LL Cool J talks NCIS: LA with Toronto Star columnist Rob Salem

Birthday Card for Eric Christian Olsen

Please join us in wishing a very Happy Birthday to Eric Christian Olsen who celebrates his birthday on May 31st.
Happy Birthday, Eric!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Dragon and the Fairy (3x18) transcript

[A young man is running in the streets. He’s panting and looks terrified. He met a mother with a baby]

MAN: [speaking Vietnamese] Uh, help. Please.

WOMAN: I'm sorry. I don't...

MAN: Vietnamese.

[He’s begging]

WOMAN: Uh, I'm sorry.

[She hurries away. Guy, still panting, starts running again. He crosses a road without watching the cars; one of them has to stop, tires squealing, horn honking]

DRIVER: Whoa! Watch it, man!

[The boy heads towards a gate. Vietnamese Consulate. He shakes it, grunts; a guard rushes out from the building and pulls out his gun]


[The man is panting heavily, he starts climbing the gate]

GUARD: Get off the gate!

MAN: [speaking Vietnamese]: help!

GUARD: I said, get down. [He repeats “get down” in Vietnamese, aiming at the man at the top of the gate]

MAN: [shouting in Vietnamese]: I’ve nowhere else to go!

GUARD: [In Vietnamese] get down!

[Behind the gate, tires squeal, a black SUV stops and there are gunshots. The man is hit, he groans and falls down from the gate. Engine of the car revs, tires squeal again, it’s gone! The young man lies on his back, bleeding…]

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Blye, K, Pt.2 (3x17) transcript

Previously on NCIS: Los Angeles

[Kensi is with Granger in the interrogation room]

[OPS center.]

DEEKS: Is my partner under arrest?

GRANGER: It appears your partner only joined NCIS to track down those she believes responsible for his death.


KENSI: The last time I felt so powerless was when I was 15.

HETTY: And the military police had no answers about your father's death.

[Griffith Park]

HARRIS: I know what happened to your father.

KENSI: What are you talking about?

HARRIS: The man that's killing off the team killed your father.

KENSI: What is his name?

[There’s a gunshot, Harris falls down, Kensi flees. G and Sam start running from their car]

SAM: Kensi!

[Griffith Park...Gunshot again…Kensi is hit]

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[Kensi gasps, coughs; she turns over: she’s lying on her back. She opens her jacket- she wears a vest and grabs the crushed bullet stuck into it.

[Sam and G from one side, Nell (with a gun!) and Deeks from the other, meet and stay in the woods. They look around]

DEEKS: Anyone see Kensi go down?


DEEKS: Kensi!

[Kensi hears but doesn’t answer]

DEEKS: Kensi!

[He stands up; Sam forces him to lower again]

SAM: Sniper! Stay down!

[Kensi groans but stands up. She starts running]

CALLEN: You find the shot?

SAM: Had to come from the west, probably high ground. Might still be there, might not.

CALLEN: Well, there's only one way to find out.

SAM: Let's move.

[They run towards the meeting point.]

[Kensi finds a camouflage net. She spots Callen near the table where Harris was shot; she hides herself behind the net; she spots a shape running: she chases it]

CALLEN: Kensi's gone.

SAM: Harris chose this place 'cause he thought it was safe.

CALLEN: Well, Harris ran out of safe places a long time ago.

SAM: I'd take the shot from up there. On the ridgeline.

[He points at the place]

CALLEN: Stay with the body, Nell

[She nods]

SAM: Go!

[They run towards the place Sam pointed at]

ERIC [over radio]: Guys, I got Kensi.

[OPS center. Eric is at his computer, Hetty at his side]

ERIC: She's on a park camera on a fire road above you, moving south. It looks like she spotted someone and ran after them.

[He turns off the radio]

ERIC: Limited camera coverage. This is not going to be easy.

HETTY: Who else knew about the rendezvous?

[Eric sighs]

ERIC: Just us and Alex Harris.

[Griffith Park. Boys are up; they find the net]

CALLEN: Sniper's hide. The shooter had plenty of time to set up. He must've known they were going to be here.

SAM: Guy's a pro.

CALLEN: Kensi must have gone after him.

DEEKS: So she's armed, pissed off, and hunting down the one guy who knows what happened to her father. Sucks to be him.

[Kensi is in pain but she still goes on. She grunts. She has reached a carousel – its music is playing. Place is crowded. Her cell phone rings]

HETTY [on phone]: Kensi? You don't have to do this alone.

KENSI: Remember that favor you owe me, Hetty? Consider us even.

[OPS center.]

HETTY: Kensi!

[Griffith Park. Kensi has already turn her phone off. She looks around: she has lost her target. She throws her phone into a bin]

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Blye, K (3x16) transcript

[Boatshed. Deeks and Kensi enter the main room]

KENSI: So you've never been dumped?

DEEKS: What part of "never" don't you understand?

KENSI: I don't believe you.

DEEKS: Well, that's understandable considering your track record. But honestly, look at me, huh?


DEEKS: I mean, how could you break up with this, you know? I'm super fun, I'm like 365 days of heaven.

KENSI: Heaven? See, I was thinking south and much, much, much hotter.

DEEKS: So, like, Mexico?

KENSI: Let me guess, you're the "senses the breakup, initiates preemptive strike" guy.

DEEKS: Yeah, well, it's much better to be the breaker than the breakee, I think.

KENSI: You're just broken, Deeks.

DEEKS: Yeah, well, no argument there. Uh, what are we, what are we doing here? Where are the guys?

KENSI: I don't actually know. I just got a page from Ops to meet here.

DEEKS: What, are they hiding? [Loud] Are you guys hiding, huh? You throwing me a surprise party?

KENSI: You do know it's not your birthday, right?

DEEKS: Which is why it would be so surprising.

GRANGER [over intercom]: Agent Blye, could you come in here, please?

DEEKS: You invited Granger?

KENSI: Yeah!

DEEKS: This is the worst surprise birthday party ever.

[They enter the Interrogation room.]

GRANGER: [to Deeks] You can go, [to Kensi] and you can have a seat.

DEEKS: [to Kensi] You good?

KENSI: Yeah.

DEEKS: All right.

[He leaves the room]

[Interrogation room. Kensi grabs a chair]

GRANGER: Other side, Agent Blye.

KENSI: Suspects usually sit on the other side.

GRANGER: Yeah, they do. Sit down.

[She’s puzzled but obeys. Next door, Deeks watches them on the screen. ♫ Granger sits down opposite to Kensi. ♫]

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Exit Strategy (3x13) transcript

HETTY: Previously on NCIS: Los Angeles

[Sam, in Sudan with Jada – they are kissing]

ELMSLIE: My name is Elmslie.

[Elmslie is hands up, facing G and his gun. Then in the car]

ELMSLIE: The Global Criminal Tribunal is trying to indict ex-governor Khaled for crimes against humanity.

KHALED: You're a spy.

[He’s with Sam: he slaps him]

ELMSLIE: Kill him.

[Jada is at the market]

HETTY: [Over radio] That's Khaled's sister Jada.

SAM: You could come to America with me.

JADA: I love you.

SAM: I love you, too.

[Sam is kneeling. There’s a gunshot: Jada has just saved his life]

[Back in USA, at the airport]

SAM: You're on American soil now.

You'll be asked to testify against your brother. You'll never see me again.

-------------------- ZAPPING -------------------

[At a parking garage. An elevator bell dings: a man looks around]

MAN1: Clear.

[♫ a younger guy follows him out of the elevator – they escort Jada. ♫ They carefully take the stairs and head to their car on the roof. They get into it, fasten the seatbelts and start running but behind them an engine revs, tires squeal and a SUV hits their back. Both cars tires squeal: the SUV tries to push Jada’s car]

MAN1: Reverse! Punch it!

[The car is already at the edge of the parking lot. Jada is crying]

MAN1: Come on, man! Come on!

[He opens his door and starts shooting at the SUV. The driver reverses at once]

MAN1: Get her out of there! Get her out! Get her out!

[His partner gets out of the car and grabs Jada]

MAN2: Get out!

[The SUV engine roars, its tires squeal: it’s gone]

[Behind the car, Jada gasps anxiously]

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The Watchers (3x12) transcript

[Sam and Callen are on duty in the car – Sam is enjoying jazz fusion playing on radio – Obviously Callen is less pleased: he sighs; glances at his buddy, thinks he’s asleep and wants to change the radio program]

SAM: You're not changing that.

CALLEN: How can you listen to this?

SAM: Why can't you appreciate a little improvisational jazz?

CALLEN: Why can't they all learn to play the same song?

SAM: It's called fusion.

CALLEN: Yeah, confusion.

[Callen’s phone is chirping.]

SAM: That's the Agent Needs Assistance Alert.

[Callen checks his screen]

CALLEN: It's Hetty.

[The engine starts at once]

[Kensi is wearing hastily her shoes, grabs her bag – a topless man on a couch observes her incredulously]

MAN: You just gonna run out of here?

KENSI: I'm sorry. I'm on call.

MAN: I thought you said you were a dental hygienist.

KENSI: I am. It's a dental emergency.

[She steps backwards and hits a lamp]

KENSI: Oh... huh. It's, it's just, uh, teeth missing, tons of blood. I will call you.

[The gut waves a goodbye as she opens the door. The door closes, she’s gone]

[Kensi reaches the outside of the building just in time to get into Deeks’car]

KENSI: Is this a legit alert?

DEEKS: Sounds like it.

[She throws he gear on the back seat and hits Deeks’head]


KENSI: Sorry.

DEEKS: You, uh, you missed a button.

[He points at her chest]

KENSI: Oh, well, you heard the guy. He was this close from giving up his partner. I had him eating out of my hand.

DEEKS: How was that?

KENSI: Just drive.

DEEKS: Uh-huh.

[He drives!]

[Sam’s car. Callen is on phone]

CALLEN: What do we know, Eric?

[NCIS office. Eric is downstairs, heading to the OPS]

ERIC: Hetty activated her phone's distress code. I tried to reach her in case it was a false alarm, but she's not answering any of her numbers.

[OPS center. Nell is with a guy in front of the main screen]

NELL: I want feeds from every traffic and surveillance cam in a half-mile radius for the past three hours.

GUY: You got it.

[Eric joins her]

NELL: Signal's coming from the boatshed but someone's disabled our eyes inside.

ERIC: What about the teleconference camera or her cell phone?

NELL: Teleconference has been unplugged. This is her cell phone.

[A black screen – and only red letters flashing: “AGENT NEEDS ASSISTANCE”]

[They exchange a worried look]

NELL: We're blind.

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The Debt (3x10) transcript

[A man is running near the Dodger Stadium. A man appears on his way – kind of guy we call Skinhead in French. The runner stops and looks at the tall man and the gun in his hand]

RUNNER: I-I left my wallet in the car. I can get it for you. {He raises his hands] Just... just don't hurt me, okay?

GUY: Aren't you Clarence Fisk?

[A guy comes from nowhere and knocks down the skinhead who grunts. Fisk kicks the weapon away. Still grunting, the guy gets on his knees. Fisk leans towards him and speaks quietly]

FISK: Listen close, Adolf. I've got rules. Bring a gun to a business meeting, I'll walk away.

[He stands up]

FISK: Say my name in public again... and I'll kill you.

[One of Fisk’s guys helps the skinhead and pushes him on the path]

FISK: Lead the way.

[Callen and Sam are near their car. G is taking pictures (camera shutters snapping) and Sam watches through binoculars]

CALLEN: Kensi, tell LAPD that Fisk and the Aryans have made contact. They need to hang back.

[Kensi is in her car, with Deeks at her side]

KENSI: Got it.

[Callen/Sam‘s place]

SAM: I've got to say, Fisk does have swagger.

CALLEN: Swagger?

SAM: Panache, chutzpah, flair. The undefinable "it." Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Kind of style that can't be taught, G. Game recognizes game.

CALLEN: Float after me, butterfly.

[And he leaves his partner, who grimaces]

SAM: And haters gonna hate.

[But he smiles]

[Kensi’s car]

KENSI: Our position is completely wrong.

DEEKS: And yet it's so right.

[Cause he’s looking a pretty hot running girl with his binoculars]

KENSI: No, no, we should be on foot with Callen and Sam, not stuck back here. That's what LAPD is for-no offense. [She looks at Deeks, grabs the binoculars]

KENSI: Are you listening to me?

DEEKS: Ow. Sorry. Hashtag I think I'm in love. L-O-V-E, huh?

[And he takes again the binocular, starts watching again the woman…]

KENSI: Hashtag my partner is a loser.

[Picnic area. Fisk and 5 guys are walking behind the skinhead. Aryans are waiting for them: one sit at the table, the others standing up and watching around. Fisk sits down opposite to the man]

MAN: Show me the RDX.

FISK: Show me how you'll pay for it.

[The Aryan grabs a briefcase, opens it and starts typing on a laptop]

[Kensi’s car. Deeks follows the runner with the binoculars – a man appears and stops her]

GUY: Trail's closed, go home.


KENSI: Okay, Aryan's guarding the meet, girl's getting feisty. Not a good combination.

DEEKS: If she's smart, she's just going to walk away.

WOMAN: Let's see what the cops have to say about that, jerk.

[She starts taking her phone]

MAN: What, what is that?

[He grabs the phone, she tries to keep it in hands – it fails down]

WOMAN: Get your hands off me.

[The man throws her on the ground- she grunts]

DEEKS: Callen, Sam, one of the Aryan lookouts just assaulted a civilian.

[Callen and Sam’s place]

CALLEN: How bad?

DEEKS: [over radio] Bad with potential of getting a lot worse.

CALLEN: All right, hold your position.

[Kensi’s car]

DEEKS: You've got to be kidding me.

[The woman tries to get up – the guy slaps her face- they fight, both grunt]

DEEKS: Okay, it just got worse.

[He jumps out of the car. Kensi is pissed off but follows him. He shouts, still far from the fighters]


[The guy leaves the woman alone and looks at Deeks]

MAN: [Shouting] you want to die, hero?

[He puts a hand in his vest]

DEEKS: Don't, don't!

[He shoots. The man grunts and falls on his back- the lady screams. At the picnic area, Fisk jumps on his feet]

FISK: Go, go. [They all leave the place quickly]

[Callen and Sam’s place]

CALLEN: Eric, op's been blown.


KENSI: Are you okay, are you okay?

WOMAN: I thought he was gonna kill me.

[Deeks is checking the dead guy’s vest]

KENSI: It's okay, you're safe now. You'll be okay.

[She looks at Deeks]

KENSI: Where's his gun?

[Deeks has a cell phone in the hand…]

KENSI: Deeks, where's his gun?

[Behind them, NCIS guys are coming]

OFFICER: Guys, over there.

DEEKS: He didn't have one.

[Deeks and Kensi don’t add a word…]

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Lone Wolf (3x06) transcript

[A woman is walking and speaking on her cell phone. Well actually she’s listening to a recorded message].

FORBES: This is David Forbes. I'm not in right now. Leave a message.

WOMAN: David, it's me again. I think I'm being followed. I need to see you now. Call me when you get this.

[She looks worried, looks around and walks hastily. She stops in front of a big man with tattoos who stares at her. She’s scared! But the man was looking behind her, and a large smile lights his face when he hears:]

GIRL: Daddy!

GIRL: Daddy!

MAN: Hey! Hey, guys. How are you?

[He hugs two little girls! The woman starts walking again, still worried and looking around]

(Motorcycle engine revving)

[The motorcycle stops just ahead of the woman. The passenger jumps down. We hear gun cocking]

WOMAN: No! No! No!

[But the automatic weapon throws its bullets, and the woman crashes in the shop window behind her, among large balls] (People screaming)[The shooter comes close to her and grabs her bag. He gets on the motorcycle and it moves off…but a few seconds later they hit a car leaving a parking lot. (Tires squealing) Both men are thrown to the ground. The driver doesn’t move anymore…The passenger/shooter gets up and flees with the bag and the weapon]

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Sacrifice (3x05) transcript

[A SWAT team rush outside from a van, heading to an assault against a warehouse. One of them crashes the door with a battering ram…and it blows up!!(Explosion thunders)The blast throws the men backwards. They get up and have to protect from bullets shot inside! (Automatic gunfire, bullets ricocheting) [A SWAT man throws a teargas grenade and they follow it]

SWAT MAN: Go, go, go!

[Inside, two armed men are coughing. One of them is killed; the second tries to use again his automatic weapon and is shot before. A third guy appeared at the top of stairs and is hit too]

SWAT MAN: Clear!

SWAT MAN2: Clear!

[He runs outside: one of them is still lying on his back]

SWAT MAN2: Evans! Evans!

[He checked the pulse and looks at their chief]

SWAT MAN2: Damn it.

SWAT MAN: Get the EMTs over here!

[He goes back inside]

MAN: (in distance): Base this is Delta One. We need EMTs here ASAP.

[SWAT officer turns the body over with his feet. They’ve tattoos]

MAN: Intel's good--two cartel soldiers. [He comes closer to the 3rd] Who's this one? He's definitely not cartel. [He’s Middle East type, has a long Islamist beard and wears a taqiyah]

MAN: Who the hell is this guy?

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Deadline (3x04) transcript

[Venice. A banderole reads “Psychiatry”. A woman is sitting at a tent entrance- a sign “the therapist is in” at her side. A TV journalist filmed by a young man is speaking in her mic]

WOMAN: In these tough economic times, necessity is often the mother of invention. It certainly is the case here. Because of one woman's ingenuity, the spirit of that character is alive and well on the boardwalk. From Venice, I'm Adriana Gomez.

[The man ends recording]

MAN: That was great. Okay, you were great. The story...could have been worse.

ADRIANA: (chuckling) You know, Edgar better come through with that Villaraigosa assignment.

MAN: I was wondering, you want to go to—

[Adriana’s smile fades- she interrupts the guy]

ADRIANA: You know what, Steve? I've got to get back to the van and get my head together for the next segment, okay?

STEVE: All right. I'll finish shooting some more B-roll.

♪ ♪ [He looks around, ♫ puts his cam back on his shoulder ♫ and films various stuff ♫ The cam spots Adriana’s back]

(Rapid gunfire) [Adriana staggers…Hit by several bullets, she falls down. The crowd yells, Steve rushes to her friend. The cam films at random]

STEVE: Adriana! Adriana! Adriana! Adriana!

[He dives on her]

STEVE: No. No.

[She’s still breathing]

STEVE: Call an ambulance! Somebody!

[He takes her face in his hands]

STEVE: Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. It's going to be okay. Okay? You're going to be okay.

[But her eyes are empty now…]

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Backstopped (3x03) transcript

REPORTER: Oh, yet another beautiful morning in the City of Angels. The traffic's light coming out of Pasadena, toward downtown, with no construction or accidents to report. What a perfect day to commute, so, if you're driving into work, you should snap a photo for posterity's sake. Be something to show your grandkids.

♪ ♪

[The camera follows a black SUV and a Sedan heading to Colorado Boulevard. The car overtakes the SUV. And then accelerates. (tires squeal)(engines roaring) All of a sudden the SUV blows up! A huge explosion has just entirely destroyed it!]

REPORTER: What was that? Okay, we have an SUV that's just exploded. We're gonna try to to get down. It is a scene of absolute chaos. Max, are we getting this?

[Max is filming...]

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Cyber Threat (3x02) transcript

[Beverly Hills Museum by night. There’s a “party”; a woman and a man are laughing; they are leaving]

WOMAN: Thank you for coming.

MAN: You don't have to thank me.

[A man is waiting for them in the hall]

MAN2: Mr. Calder, how was the event?

CALDER: Well, let's just say there's very little "fun" in "fund-raiser."

WOMAN: That's because it's about raising funds, not having fun.

CALDER: Yeah, no kidding. If I'm dropping several thousand, I expect a few giggles. Would have had more fun losing that money in Las Vegas. Am I right, Nicky?

NICKY: I don't know anything about that, sir.

WOMAN: Oh...But isn't this more rewarding than gambling?

[They’ve almost reached their car]

CALDER: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, get in the car, Princess Buzzkill.

[A van stops at their side, tires screeching. The door opens, 2 hooded men aim at them with guns]

CALDER: Whoa, whoa, run, run!

[Nicky tries to grab his weapon, he’s shot]

CALDER: Nicky!

[The woman screams and flees. Men are close to Calder; he raises his hands; they push him]

MAN: Get in the van now!

CALDER: Don't shoot me. Fine. Okay, I'm going.

MAN: Go, go!

[The van starts again, tires screeching. Nicky is on the ground; a man comes checking him]

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Lange, H. (3x01) transcript

[Callen, Sam, Deeks and Kensi are walking in Prague]

Hetty’s voice: Previously in NCIS Los Angeles.

[NCIS office]

VANCE: Hetty has resigned her position.

SAM: Who are you?

HUNTER: Lauren Hunter. Her replacement.

VANCE: Zulu-November.

ERIC: Operation Comescu.

VANCE: You are not longer on this case, Agent Callen. Operation Comescu is all about you.

[Callen resigned; then Sam, Kensi, Deeks…]

VANCE: Find her, Agent Hunter, before they all get killed.


[The “team” rushes into a Comescues house (shouting, gunfire)]

CALLEN: Hetty's alive.

SAM: Where?

WOMAN [speaking in Czech]: A house on the beach. It’s on a Black Sea. Romania]

[Beach in Romania]

[Callen “sees” the little boy he was getting a toy soldier from a man with a Rom tattoo –right here, in Romania]


HETTY: I have a message for the head of the Comescu family.

ALEXA: I am the head of the Comescu family.

HETTY: Callen died three weeks ago.

ALEXA: And why should I trust you?

HETTY: (speaking Romani): because we are family.

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Daniela Ruah for CBS Watch! Magazine

Do you have your magazine already ??

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Neighborhood Watch (3x22) behind-the-scenes picture

Great view on the pool cameras in "Arkady"s pool... kindly shared by @artwercadam...

Sans Voir I + II (3x23 + 3x24) behind-the-scenes picture

Deeks with the "keys to the door"... this picture was kindly shared by @artwercadam...

Sans Voir I + II (3x23 + 3x24) behind-the-scenes picture

This picture of the last table read of NCIS Los Angeles Season Three was kindly shared by @jacqniv.

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@llcoolj made the cut...

...into the #H50 crew wrap video... at around 4:04... great idea !!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Three more interviews...

...are in preparation at the moment... and then ??

EDIT: How come we didn't think of the MAIN CAST ?? ;-p
Thanks for all your answers so far but we were speaking about other people from the obvious... ;-)
So again...

Who would YOU like to have an interview with on the blog besides the main cast??

Tell us in the comments... no registration needed... :-)

THINGS HAPPEN a short film

Capt. Vaughn loses his wife in a boating accident then retreats away from the social world, until a strange woman comes along and snaps him out of it.

The film has two connection dots to NCIS Los Angeles as it stars Ella Thomas known as Jada Khaled to NCISLA fans and is written and directed by Adam Key, a member of the NCISLA crew, known by fans for his behind-the-scenes pictures posted as @artwercadam.

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CBS Good eBag

CBS says THANK YOU with a free download of some of their shows... for US citizens only... get your episodes now...

Greed (3x08) rerun at 8pm (!!!)


CHEAT TWEET: B4 a case takes the team to Mexico, Hetty teaches Kensi & Deeks the waltz? #NCISLA

"Greed" – When a Navy ID is found on a dead body tied to a hazardous material smuggling case, NCIS is granted permission to investigate in Mexico and asked to help locate the missing materials.

source: @jacqniv's instagram

Predator (1x03) guest Warren Cole on Common Law

The show is hilarious IMO... read @mokibobolinks "5 Reasons Why You Need to Watch Tonight’s Premiere of Common Law"...

Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 TV Body Count Study Results

...The CBS series NCIS: Los Angeles was second deadliest with an average of 6 dead bodies per episode....

Read the whole results of the study on

Patriot Acts (3x20) trivia

Behind the scenes with Tommy Gunn and the biker crew getting set for their ride into the scene as the terrorist group.

Neigborhood Watch (3x22) trivia

Flashbang Bra Holster as seen on NCIS LA

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Renée Felice Smith for NSALA

North Shore Animal League America Finds Homes For 570 Puppies, Kittens, Dogs And Cats During Its 18th Annual Pet Adoptathon® Kick-Off Weekend!

Participating in the opening and ribbon cutting ceremony NCIS: Los Angeles Actress Renée Felice Smith spoke about her passion for animals and her support of the Animal League.

Read more about the event & see pictures of Renée on

Sans Voir I + II (3x23 + 3x24) scoop video

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mini Fan Meeting

Join us in London when we get together to drink tea & chat about our favourite show NCIS Los Angeles on May 28th, 2012.

Contact for details.

Sans Voir I + II (3x23 + 3x24) fanvideo

Thanks @LaCarmi81 for this awesome piece...

Chris O'Donnell at EGPAF 2004 Celebrity Golf Classic

Daniela Ruah to attend TV Festival in Monte Carlo

Daniela Ruah is scheduled to attend the 52nd Monte-Carlo Festival, from 10-14 June 2012, taking place at the Grimaldi Forum, in Monaco.

Get all the news about Daniela on her fanpage

LL Cool J supports Meals On Wheels

Friday, May 18, 2012

Teen Choice Nominations

NCIS Los Angeles is nominated in the categories:

Choice TV Show: Action
CSI: Miami
Hawaii Five-O
NCIS: Los Angeles (2011 winner)

Choice TV Actor: Action
LL Cool J, NCIS: Los Angeles
Daniel Dae Kim, Hawaii Five-O
Zachary Levi, Chuck
Adam Rodriguez, CSI: Miami
Shane West, Nikita (2011 winner)

Choice TV Actress: Action
Lyndsy Fonseca, Nikita
Linda Hunt, NCIS: Los Angeles (2011 winner)
Grace Park, Hawaii Five-O
Maggie Q, Nikita
Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck

Help them get the boards !!!
Vote NOW & every upcoming day on
Remember you have to be a TEEN to register (at least for the website ;-p)

Neighborhood Watch (3x22) goof

It's those little things that bother me... ;-)

Like Callen still wearing his training gloves (in the close-up) when he starts the Nexersys system for Sam... while (in the reverse angle) he already put them off & threw them to Sam...

Neigborhood Watch (3x22) trivia

Nexersys', pioneer of the expanding "Exergaming" market, Pro model of its professional-grade multimedia fitness product made its debut on NCIS: Los Angeles episode entitled "Neighborhood Watch".

Find out more about Nexersys' products in the press release relating to the episode appearance.

LL Cool J on Out There With Melissa

Neighborhood Watch (3x22) music

In The Arms Of A Ghost

Written by Jakob Dylan

I’d be the last one to know if you were always unhappy
The first one to ever ask why
Was it me you abandoned are have I just imagined
That you were ever mine
It’s a black and white photo of you that I own
That proves you were ever alive
Is that me that you’re holding or am I just hoping
You held me at least on time
There’s a tap on the window and a bird that comes
In the evenings when I’m alone
There’s a shadow that crosses up over the ceiling
Above my bed below
No two angels are alike but I want to think
If that were you I’d know
Love is much worse off than blind in the arms of your ghost

Were your eyes the same kind of blue as the sea
Or more like the sky when it’s dawn
Did your hair grow blond by the end of the summer
And did you always wear it long
Did you stay between cities in the wilderness where
Living wasn’t too much to bare
Did you fall from a wire where a pathway of fire
Overtook you there
There’s a light that appears up over the buildings
Before the others come
That vanishes once it’s been noticed returning back
To wherever it’s from
No two stars are alike but I want to think
If that were you I’d know
Love is much worse off than blind in than arms of a ghost

In the night do you bow your head down and ask
God to be there with you
And if you do why won’t you ask him
Why I can’t be there too
Are you laughing or crying is somebody there
Someone that you want near
These thoughts of you they lie down deep
Where there aren’t any tears
In my sleep I can hear the voice of a woman
That’s beautiful and young
Saying do understand you’re none of the reasons
Why I am gone
No two dreams are alike but I want to think
If that were you I’d know
Love is much worse off than blind in than arms of a ghost

Song from the opening scene of NCIS Los Angeles episode "Neighborhood Watch" where Deeks gets up & Kensi returns from her morning jog... 1st Densi "kiss"... ;-)

LL Cool J on the George Lopez Show

... LL telling a funny story about Michael Jackson...

Season Four Schedule

On Tuesday, CBS uses television’s top-rated dramas as lead-ins for a new one-hour series. The #1 drama/scripted series NCIS remains at 8:00 PM, followed by the #2 drama/scripted series NCIS: LOS ANGELES at 9:00 PM, which will provide a powerful and compatible lead-in for the star-studded new series VEGAS at 10:00 PM.

8:00-9:00 PM NCIS


10:00-11:00 PM VEGAS (N)

Sans Voir I + II (3x23 + 3x24) screencaps

Screencaptures of NCIS Los Angeles episodes "Sans Voir I + II" are available at Watch the album.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

CBS Upfront 2012 - Arrivals Timelapse

Can you spot the NCIS LA cast ?? hint: Daniela's wearing a green dres... ;-)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sans Voir I + II (3x23 + 3x24) ratings


CBS Posts its Highest Tuesday Adult 18-49 Rating Since January
"NCIS: Los Angeles" Sweeps Time Period in Viewers and Demos

The season finales of NCIS and NCIS: LOS ANGELES led CBS to a Tuesday win in viewers and key demographics, including its best adult 18-49 delivery on the night since January, according to Nielsen preliminary live plus same day ratings for May 15.
The two-hour season finale of NCIS: LOS ANGELES was first in households (9.6/15), viewers (15.12m), adults 25-54 (4.1/10) and adults 18-49 (3.0/08).


Sans Voir I + II (3x23 + 3x24) review by @mokibobolink

What Will Callen Do Now?

Last night’s season finale of NCIS: Los Angeles was called “Sans Voir,” which we find out during the course of the episode means “playing blindfolded.” Which is appropriate considering that it felt like the team was playing that way nearly the entire time.

A case comes across their desks, looking almost like any other until it comes out that the men killed are connected to Renko, who is currently undercover. Thinking his cover must surely be blown, the team goes in to save his life, only to have him shot right under their noses.

As the clues add up, soon Callen realizes just who they dealing with but knowing that it’s the Chameleon doesn’t prevent the man from taking out another one of their agents. Tying Hunter to the steering wheel of a car and blowing it up while the team watched was brutal, proving what lengths the Chameleon was willing to go to in order to exact his revenge against Callen. But even after they capture the man, he’s still in control. They continue to play blinded as they struggle with negotiating with him so that they can save yet another agent.

Read the rest of the review with @mokibobolink favourite bits of the episode on

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

NCIS LA Cast Tweetathong

originally posted by @reneefsmith we allowed us to flip the video upwards... NCIS & NCISLA finale tweetathong with Renée Felice Smith, Barrett Foa, Daniela Ruah, Eric Christian Olsen, Pauley Perrette, Michael Weatherly and and and...

Good Night video from cast

Sans Voir I + II (3x23 + 3x24) sneak peek

'NCIS: LA' Boss on 'Ambitious' Finale: It 'Will Move You to Tears' (Exclusive Photo and Video)

"[The audience] should go into the season finale feeling very uncomfortable," executive producer Shane Brennan tells THR.

Read the whole interview on

Sans Voir I +II (3x23 + 3x24) guest star Lauren Sweetser

Make sure to look for Lauren Sweetser as Mara White in tonights finale of NCIS Los Angeles... and send us your questions for her til Thursday May 17th... we'll do a little season wrap-up interview with her next week... :-)

NCIS: Los Angeles Finale: Callen Is Tested Until He Breaks

NCIS: Los Angeles loves to blow things up. So when executive producer Shane Brennan received word that the CBS drama would air a two-hour finale, he was practically giddy.

Read the whole article on

NCIS Los Angeles Rewind - The Chamaeleon

"NCIS: Los Angeles" Finale Promises Suspense

Sans Voir I + II (3x23 + 3x24) promo

HETTY: The Chamaeleon.
GRANGER: He's evil.
HETTY: There's only one thing he should be... DEAD !!

Kensi: Sam ? SAM !!!

CALLEN: He killed our people !!

Thoughts ?? Leave a comment...

Finale Preview: The NCIS: LA Team Battles 'Evil Personified' In a Two-Hour 'Rocket Ride'

This Tuesday at 9/8c on CBS, the return of the former agent/spy known as The Chameleon sets the stage for NCIS: Los Angeles‘ Season 3 finale, and the masterful mayhem he has planned calls for not one but two hours’ worth of season-ending intensity. Here, series boss Shane Brennan reveals why it will be impossible for viewers to change that dial, touts at least two Emmy-caliber performances and teases just how many cliffhanger-quality jaw-droppers fans can expect.

Read the whole scoop on

Join our discussion about the season finale in this thread...

Monday, May 14, 2012

LL Cool J at Live! with Kelly

May 15, 2012 - "Good Morning America" weather anchor SAM CHAMPION joins Kelly as co-host this morning. "NCIS: Los Angeles" star LL Cool J sits down with the hosts, and singer-songwriter James Morrison performs.

source: press release ABC

Sans Voir I + II (3x23 + 3x24) sneak peek

NCIS: LA executive producer Shane Brennan promises an explosive season finale.

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years and that explosion — in the world of blowing things up — is a triple A+,” he says. “And that explosion, that hasn’t been enhanced with any computer graphics at all, and when you see it on air, we have not touched it…. The audience, because they’ve gotten so used to seeing it on movies and in television, they often make the assumption that you’ve added some computer graphics — none. We have done nothing to it.”

Need proof? See the exclusive photo and read the whole interview on

Eric Christian Olsen dishes on finale

Sometimes in a show rife with guns and action, there's nothing better than hot banter and sexual tension between partners. No, we aren't talking about Sam (LL Cool J) and Callen (Chris O'Donnell), but rather quick-witted and constantly flirty Kensi (Daniela Ruah) and Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen).

Olsen tells us all about the sexy undercover operation that'll have Kensi and Deeks sharing a roof—and a bed! Plus, get scoop on the "catastrophic" season finale cliffhanger that will bring death to NCIS: Los Angeles.

Want to know more? Find out on

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Renée Felice Smith interview

Renée Felice Smith Interview
“Nell Jones”
NCIS: LA Tuesday Nights, 9/8c on CBS
May 10, 2012
By Lena Lamoray

I spoke with Renée Felice Smith about her role as Nell Jones in NCIS: Los Angeles. It was such a pleasure to speak with her and find out more about Nell, NCIS: LA, her cast mates, her personal choice for Nell’s love interest (let’s please make that happen NCIS: LA writers), her adorable dog that is also the subject of a new book, and so much more. Renée is confident that you are going to enjoy the season finale and the show has already been picked up so get ready to enjoy another compelling season.

Read the whole interview on

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sans Voir (3x23) sneak peek

wow... this sneak peek has all of them Kensi & Deeks, Callen & Sam and Renko & the bad guys... I wonder what that strange look from Sam to Renko is all about...

Have you read the interview with Brian Avers (Mike Renko) ??
He was so great to answer fan questions as well... check it out on our website...

video is courtesy of CBS - we've added the (on this case little) captions...

Read the thoughts of others about the NCIS Los Angeles season finale in our other thread and leave your own two cents...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Barrett Foa & his four-legged friend

They are the cutest !!!

Neighborhood Watch (3x22) review by @mokibobolink

In tonight’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, called “Neighborhood Watch,” Deeks and Kensi go deep undercovers….oops I mean undercover. Sorry, bad joke. Couldn’t resist.

Anyway…Deeks and Kensi are living as a married couple in order to find out which of the very interesting neighbors is a Russian sleeper agent. Surprisingly enough, they find said agent pretty fast. Only trouble is, the agent wants out of the spy game and her handler makes quick work of killing her before she can do it.

The new goal then becomes to catch the handler, leaving Deeks and Kensi stuck playing house for a bit longer, which is extremely entertaining to watch. We’ve all seen the flirtations and there’s no denying that they each find the other attractive (I especially enjoyed Kensi’s leering in this one), but how do they react to being stuck in a house all day together and forced to play husband and wife? It doesn’t seem to be too great a hardship on them, after the obligatory complaints about bed hogging, housekeeping, etc.

Read the rest of the review with @mokibobolink favourite bits of the episode on

LL Cool J at Miami Marlins live post-game concert

On May 11th LL Cool J will be playing at Marlins Park on the second Jiffy Lube Friday Night Live concert of the season.

Read all about the concerts and LL Cool J on

Sans Voir I + II (3x23 + 3x24) promo WITH CAPTIONS


video is courtesy of CBS - we've added the captions...

we've started a little "what if" discussion in another thread so hop over and add your two cents... ;-)

Brian Avers Interview

The last time we saw NCIS agent Mike Renko he had been shot in an ambush alongside Sam and Kensi in the episode Burned from Season one of NCIS:LA. Unfortunately, the quirky NCIS undercover agent has been missing from the Mission ever since. Fans of Renko, played by Brian Avers, will not have to wait much longer to see him back in action and working again with Callen and the gang. He is scheduled to make a return in the Season three finale and we couldn't be more excited!

Avers is a Buckeye (Ohio) native who attended New York University where he received a Master of Fine Arts and a Global Fellowship in the Arts. He has worked on Broadway in such productions as Rock and Roll and The Lieutenant of Inishmore. His film and television credits include Julie and Julia, Gigantic, Law and Order, Castle and The Medium. The actor is currently wrapping up production for the movie The Weekend where he also worked behind the camera for the first time as director and co-writer.

We checked in with Brian to see what he has been up to since season one. NCIS:LAFan asked Brianif he would answer a few fan questions, and he generously agreed to sit down and talk about his time on the show and what's up next for Mike Renko.

Read the interview with Brian Avers on

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Neighborhood Watch (3x22) guest

Here are some HQ screencaps of Gabriel Suttle as Cody Felton... read the interview we made with Gabriel here...

Remember: click on the pictures to see them in full size !!