Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blye, K, Pt.2 (3x17) transcript

Previously on NCIS: Los Angeles

[Kensi is with Granger in the interrogation room]

[OPS center.]

DEEKS: Is my partner under arrest?

GRANGER: It appears your partner only joined NCIS to track down those she believes responsible for his death.


KENSI: The last time I felt so powerless was when I was 15.

HETTY: And the military police had no answers about your father's death.

[Griffith Park]

HARRIS: I know what happened to your father.

KENSI: What are you talking about?

HARRIS: The man that's killing off the team killed your father.

KENSI: What is his name?

[There’s a gunshot, Harris falls down, Kensi flees. G and Sam start running from their car]

SAM: Kensi!

[Griffith Park...Gunshot again…Kensi is hit]

-------------------- ZAPPING -------------------

[Kensi gasps, coughs; she turns over: she’s lying on her back. She opens her jacket- she wears a vest and grabs the crushed bullet stuck into it.

[Sam and G from one side, Nell (with a gun!) and Deeks from the other, meet and stay in the woods. They look around]

DEEKS: Anyone see Kensi go down?


DEEKS: Kensi!

[Kensi hears but doesn’t answer]

DEEKS: Kensi!

[He stands up; Sam forces him to lower again]

SAM: Sniper! Stay down!

[Kensi groans but stands up. She starts running]

CALLEN: You find the shot?

SAM: Had to come from the west, probably high ground. Might still be there, might not.

CALLEN: Well, there's only one way to find out.

SAM: Let's move.

[They run towards the meeting point.]

[Kensi finds a camouflage net. She spots Callen near the table where Harris was shot; she hides herself behind the net; she spots a shape running: she chases it]

CALLEN: Kensi's gone.

SAM: Harris chose this place 'cause he thought it was safe.

CALLEN: Well, Harris ran out of safe places a long time ago.

SAM: I'd take the shot from up there. On the ridgeline.

[He points at the place]

CALLEN: Stay with the body, Nell

[She nods]

SAM: Go!

[They run towards the place Sam pointed at]

ERIC [over radio]: Guys, I got Kensi.

[OPS center. Eric is at his computer, Hetty at his side]

ERIC: She's on a park camera on a fire road above you, moving south. It looks like she spotted someone and ran after them.

[He turns off the radio]

ERIC: Limited camera coverage. This is not going to be easy.

HETTY: Who else knew about the rendezvous?

[Eric sighs]

ERIC: Just us and Alex Harris.

[Griffith Park. Boys are up; they find the net]

CALLEN: Sniper's hide. The shooter had plenty of time to set up. He must've known they were going to be here.

SAM: Guy's a pro.

CALLEN: Kensi must have gone after him.

DEEKS: So she's armed, pissed off, and hunting down the one guy who knows what happened to her father. Sucks to be him.

[Kensi is in pain but she still goes on. She grunts. She has reached a carousel – its music is playing. Place is crowded. Her cell phone rings]

HETTY [on phone]: Kensi? You don't have to do this alone.

KENSI: Remember that favor you owe me, Hetty? Consider us even.

[OPS center.]

HETTY: Kensi!

[Griffith Park. Kensi has already turn her phone off. She looks around: she has lost her target. She throws her phone into a bin]

-------------------- ZAPPING -------------------

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