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Daniela Ruah interview for CNN

For the past two seasons, Daniela Ruah has played junior field agent Kensi Blye on "NCIS: Los Angeles." But the vivacious olive-skinned actress first became famous in another country: her parents' homeland of Portugal. She even won the Iberian version of "Dancing with the Stars."

Read the whole interview on

Behind-the-scenes picture

Daniela Ruah posted this pic today (2/29) with her and Linda Hunt - just the perfect pic for us to wish HETTY LANGE a Happy Birthday !!! ;-)

Blye, K., Pt. 2 (3x17) behind-the-scenes picture

source: @jacqniv's instagram

Chatter with LL Cool J

Read a “Chatter” with LL Cool J in the latest issue of PEOPLE Magazine! #NCISLA

Blye, K., Pt. 2 (3x17) trivia

tweets from @davekalstein re last night's ep...

Pizza: $75. Wine: $100. Watching @BarrettFoa & @reneefsmith act out what Eric & Nell would REALLY have said during commercials? Priceless.

Also surreal: @BarrettFoa singing lyrics along with the NCIS:LA opening credit music. His Broadway peeps in NY came up with f'ing LYRICS.

Special guest at Chez Kalstein for last night's show? @DanielaRuah's real-life mother! Watching them watch the show was...surreal.

Want to know more about Kensi's bad-ass fighting style on last night on NCIS:LA? Check out and follow @RafaelKayanan.

Insider info from NCIS:LA's "Blye, K., Part 2": the character of Don Blye (Kensi's dad) was voiced by Terrence O'Hara, the ep's director.

@JoeyWilson57's pic from last night's dissected: @ashleyisstupid, me, @DanielaRuah, an Olsen brother, @jonflick1.

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Blye, K. Pt.2 (3x17) pic

Eric Christian Olsen & Daniela Ruah at the table read of NCIS Los Angeles episode "Blye, K., Pt.2" (3x17).

source: @davekalstein

Blye, K. Pt.2 (3x17) pic

unknown, Renée Felice Smith, Shane Brennan, Eric Christian Olsen, NCIS Director Mr. Clookie, Linda Hunt, Chris O'Donnell, unknown, unknown, Dave Kalstein, unknown (from the left) at the table read for NCIS Los Angeles episode "Blye, K., Pt.2" (3x17).

source: @LT_Michael

Blye, K. Pt.2 (3x17) trivia

Read about @RafaelKayanan experience on the set of NCIS Los Angeles episode "Blye, K.Pt. 2" & how Daniela handled "the knife" on his blog.

picture source: @davekalstein

@reneefsmith interview by @tvequals

What drives a person?

For some, it can be money, power, love or, in the case of NCIS Los Angeles Nell Jones, played by the wickedly talented Renee Felice Smith, it can be something else entirely.

This topic was one of the many addressed in the recent chat that TV Equals had the privilege of having with the charming Miss Smith. During said talk, there was also discussion about what is coming up for Nell this season, whether there will be a fourth season and much much more.

Check out what Renee had to say below and don’t forget to tune in to tonight’s conclusion of the two part episode of NCIS Los Angeles “Blye, K.,” which airs Tuesday, Feb. 28 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Read the whole interview - with the info on who's coming back later this season - on

Daniela Ruah at KCAL9 News

Daniela Ruah on The Talk

Monday, February 27, 2012

Blye, K. Pt.2 (3x17) sneak peek

"Blye, K., Part 2." -- The NCIS: LA team continues to search for new evidence to prove Kensi Blye's innocence after a private meeting involving her deceased father's sniper unit turns deadly.

NCIS: Los Angeles starring Chris O'Donnell, LL Cool J, Linda Hunt, Daniela Ruah, Barrett Foa, Eric Christian Olsen, Renée Felice Smith on CBS Tuesday's @9pm.

Daniela Ruah at KTLA Morning News

Watch the video of Daniela at the KTLA Morning News - with a little sneak peek of tomorrows NCISLA episode "Blye, K, Pt.2".

Spoiler Chat Daily on eonline

Sammie: You guys never give NCIS: L.A. scoop!

Read the answer on

NCIS:LA - Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Got any scoop on Kensi and Deeks’ sojourn into (fake) matrimony? I hear it’s supposed to be hilarious, but I’m kinda wanting something more meaningful. — Amy

Read inside TVs answer on

Daniela Ruah's Busy Monday

via @daniealruah "Keep an eye out! Monday 27th I will be appearing on KTLA Morning news, then @TheTalk, then KCAL... Busy monday =)"

NCIS Los Angeles fanvideo

Due to the music it might not be available in your country...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pushback (1x07) goof

According to Gs statement in Pushback he was hit FIVE times during the shooting. @ncislarewatch has picture proof that it originally were SEVEN...

Past Lives (1x12) goof

In the opening scene Sam's cup changes from BLUE to RED in a blink...

Thanks @ncislarewatch for pointing it out !!

Daniela Ruah on The Talk

Tune in to CBS on Monday, 27 February 2012, at 2pm ET / 1pm PT when Daniela is on The Talk...

Barrett Foa interview at 2nd Hollywood Rush

Steven Escobar Interviews NCIS: LOS ANGELES star Barrett Foa at 2nd Annual Hollywood Rush

DN: Hi Barrett, this is Steven from diversity News TV & diversity News magazine. So tell me why are you involved with this charity ?
BF: This is a charity that is near and dear my heart. I have some friends who are no longer friends because of this crazy drug. So I wanted to be sure to support anyone who is going through any of this crazyness.
DN: And also I have noticed - I've been watching your TV show and I see that you are very involved with this gay community.
BF: Yeah, the AIDS walk... I did a ton of AIDS walks in New York because the Broadway community is very involved with AIDS organizations. I've been doing the AIDS walk since I was in high school. And then I did the Trevor Project. Did I see you there?
DN: No.
BF: No, it wasn't you. Sorry. So the Trevor Project. Yeah, looks like I am. They are all super-worthy causes.
DN: So you really are very good supporter with this kind of charity. I have you watched getting involved with the community... and giving back.
BF: Yeah, I mean it's rewarding like any kind of charity work that you do - it's great.
DN: I can also say that I like your performance on TV. NCIS... LA... It's very funny - with your co-workers as well.
BF: Yeah. She's here tonight. Renée Felice Smith - who plays Nell.
DN: So, if people want more information on you or your career.
BF: You can look for me on Twitter @BarrettFoa and there's a Facebook Page "Official Barrett Foa".
DN: Thanks.
BF: Thanks. Good to meet you. Bye guys.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Absolution (2x09) music question

David from Hungary asks: Can anyone name the song that was played during the scene when Sam did his run & Callen drove up to him ??

Blye, K. (3x16) fanvid

Kensi Blye trivia

With her father deceased on 20/12/97 and she being 15 at the time (from 1x15 "The Bank Job") Kensi should be born in 1982.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Higher Power (3x11) music

Song played in the opening scene of the NCIS Los Angeles Christmas episode in Season Three...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blye, K. Pt.2 (3x17) extended promo

Blye, K. (3x16) trivia

Wondering that Deeks knew that "Titanic" was Kensi's favorite movie ?? Actually *we* knew, too... back in "The Bank Job" Kensi sat down with Nate and told him about the night her father died... she went to see "Titanic" - I'd loved it, I still do and you can make fun of me all you want I don't care...

LL Cool J at Muhammad Ali 70th Birthday

Z-Trip and LL Cool J just rocked the Muhammad Ali tribute in Las Vegas!
Check out photos of the event on Z's facebook!

Then watch the Muhammad Ali Tribute this Saturday 2pm on ABC/ 8pm ESPN.

source: Team Z-Trip Newsletter

@chrisodonnell - America Wants You

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Make your Amazon purchase via our blog

Remember: All the revenue we get for amazon purchases made via the links on our blog are used for sending NCIS Los Angeles goodies to fans all over the world... it doesn't need to be one of the things shown on the blog you want to purchase on amazon... no matter what you like to buy... using our links (and then search for YOUR item once you're on the amazon site) will help !!!

Thanks a lot !!!

Barrett Foa at Hollywood Rush

Check the Hollywood Rush Press page for links to pictures with Barrett on the event.

NCIS Director Mark Clookie makes cameo on the show

With all of the Hollywood gunfire and explosions on NCIS: Los Angeles, it's easy to forget that there's a real, working agency that's the basis of the top-rated CBS show. On tonight's episode, the director of the real-life NCIS makes a cameo appearance, and ET was on the set to see how he did!

"It's a pleasure to meet him … it's amazing to sit there and realize that the actual guys are watching our show," Chris O'Donnell tells ET of the real director of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Mark Clookie. "It was fun to see him in front of the camera. I mean, here's a guy whose life experience make it look like we've all been living sheltered lives. He was great, and very smooth."

Read the whole article on

Blye, K. (3x16) trivia

Stuntman Oakley Lehman was the one doing this pretty amazing motorcycle stunt in NCIS Los Angeles "Blye, K.".

source: @jacqniv's instagram

Blye, K. (3x16) review by @mokibobolink for @TVEquals

In this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, called “Blye, K.” we finally find out exactly why Kensi went to Hawaii. We knew it had something to do with her father and in this one we learn quite a bit about him. Turns out she thought he was a former sniper killed in a very suspicious car accident, but really he was government sanctioned assassin killed in a very suspicious car accident.

When all the men who were also in Kensi’s dad’s unit start showing up dead in their own suspicious accidents, the evidence seems to point straight to Kensi. The team is stuck between a rock and a hard place, trying to investigate the latest murder but not wanting to find evidence that will put their partner away. Granger tells the team that he believes Kensi only joined NCIS to get to the truth about her father’s death and then kill those she felt were responsible. I admire Kensi’s spirit and I know she never backs down from a fight, but there’s no way I would ever believe she would go out on a killing spree like that.

Read the rest of the review with @mokibobolink favourite bits of the episode on

Blye, K. (3x16) review DENSI-style by @phillydi

Welcome back to NCISLA Rewind! I haven’t been this excited about a new show since The Debt! Here we have another chance to explore what makes Densi click and maybe take them one step closer to that shipper relationship we all covet. This two part episode has been highly anticipated by all fans since the first hint that the creators were finally going to explore Kensi’s family history. Tonight’s episode was written by perennial favorite, Joe Wilson who along with Jonathan Frakes brings to the screen a dramatic and nail biting first-parter! It’s great to find Frakes back behind the camera again (Ok, I admit it. I had a fan girl crush on Number One since his glory days on Star Trek the Next Generation!). Together with Joe Wilson, he was able to balance just the right amount of tension and angst in this long awaited episode.

Read the rest of @phillydi's review including her very special "Densi Watch".

Promo Picture


"In the Bullpen" with @phillydi - CBS magic formula

Hello NCISLAfamilia and welcome to In the Bullpen, my new column for NCIS Los Angeles FAN blog! Special thanks go out to sindee for allowing me the opportunity to talk about different subjects relating to our favorite show and having some fun in the process. Hope you will leave your comments and join in the discussion.

We all know that NCISLA shot out the gate in its first and second season as the second-highest rated scripted series on television right behind the mother ship NCIS. Due to highly inventive script writing and the superlative acting chops of some of the finest actors in the business, both series have been able to balance the undercover work and technical aspects with the sentimental development of characters that we have all grown to love and care about over the years.

This week Huffpost TV printed a thought provoking article by Evan Shapiro who stated the reason CBS has so much success with these types of crime dramas has to do with Unresolved Sexual Tension! He even has a mathematical formula for it all:

If you are wondering what it all stands for…here’s the translation: WillTheyWon’tThey (WTWT), LikeBrotherAndSister (LBaS) and We’reJustFriends (WJF) and PlatonicLifePartners (PLP) and UnresolvedSexualTension (UST) sitting on top of Procedural Crime Drama Format (PCDF). Now doesn’t that just take you back to high school algebra??? His theory is that the best shows on TV, including the NCIS franchise work because of all the unresolved sexual tension infiltrating each story line. According to Shapiro, the average age of people who watch these self contained crime dramas is 57 which to me was surprising. But CBS pulls ahead of all the shows in sheer numbers because they draw a larger total audience by at least 30%. And that means a whole lot of different age groups are watching NCIS(LA) across the boards and not just people in their 50’s (which seems to be the case with the mix of fans I’ve met on social media sites).

Ok, but his theory about the unresolved sexual tension really intrigued me. Is that the real reason I hang on every week…just to see if Kensi and Deeks will ever take that first kiss? Seriously? Does the will-they-won’t-they plot lines created for these characters have me salivating every week for more? Maybe. According to the article, this unresolved sexual tension is the 2000 pound elephant in our living room every week, and it will never take center stage and it will never be resolved if the show’s creators want to avoid the drama series graveyard. We all know what happen to Moonlighting when Maddie and Dave finally decided to give into all the witty banter and crime solving and just become a couple. Over…caput!

Will Tony and Ziva, and Deeks and Kensi just continue to pine unknowingly and indefinitely for each other as the crime investigations swirl around them week after week?

Having watched both shows since their inception, I have to say I never really watched NCIS for possible Tiva shipping. Actually, I didn’t even really feel a real romantic connection there until just recently during the current season. (I know some of my NCIS friends out there are shaking their heads!) But it proves my point, because if they finally resolve their sexual tension, it won’t be the reason I keep watching or stray away from the show completely.

Same goes for NCISLA. Even before there was a Deeks and Kensi, I loved the show for the characters and the unique story lines. Of course I will admit that the Densi partnership has made the show all the more interesting for me but if they both decide to quit NCIS now, get married and go off and have little Densi babies, it won’t make me stop watching the show. I will continue to want to know more about Callen, Sam and the other folks that make this series tick.

But I will say that I am not willing to continue to watch the unresolved sexual tension go on forever. It’s fun to be teased and pulled in different directions for a few seasons but he makes one important point and I quote: “This hormonal brew allows each show to be shallow enough to appeal to a broad audience yet engaging enough to keep them coming back week after week.” I’m afraid I won’t be part of that audience. There’s got to be some kind of resolution to the will-they-or-won’t-they. And I’m ok if they don’t. Because I really can’t see me wanting to watch Deeks and Kensi in their 70’s still pining for each other. Ok, I exaggerate, but you get my point. There is no reason why this unresolved sexual tension can’t be resolved eventually so we can to on to other characters and new creative story lines.

I guess I have to agree with his overall premise that the unresolved sexual tension has made many of these shows a lot more fun to watch and has extended many a show’s tenure on the air waves….but everything has a shelf life and I for one would rather see Deeks and Kensi walk into the sunset one day holding hands or walking off in opposite directions than sticking around and pulling down the quality of the show because of a once successful TV formula. That would be boring and doesn’t do the characters justice. I don’t believe the creators/writers of NCIS(LA) think their viewers are robots. They know we have hearts and souls and truly love the characters they created as much as they do. And we don’t want them to become mere shells of their former selves either. So as long as there are great story lines and engaging characters to watch every week, I know I’ll be coming back for more.

If you are interested in reading the complete article, here’s the web site:

Do you have a view on his theory? Join in the discussion and let me know.

Next time I’m going to explore the world of NCISLA fan fiction and interview some of the best fanfic writers out there. I’ll find out what makes them tick and why thousands of fans flock to fiction web sites to continue to read the story of these beloved characters.

See you next time In the Bullpen!

source: About the author...

Blye, K. Pt.2 (3x17) promo

"Blye, K., Part 2." -- The NCIS: LA team continues to search for new evidence to prove Kensi Blye's innocence after a private meeting involving her deceased father's sniper unit turns deadly.

NCIS: Los Angeles starring Chris O'Donnell, LL Cool J, Linda Hunt, Daniela Ruah, Barrett Foa, Eric Christian Olsen, Renée Felice Smith on CBS Tuesday's @9pm.

Video is courtesy of CBS - we've added the captions...

Blye, K. (3x16) ratings

NCIS: LOS ANGELES was first in households (10.0/15), viewers (15.89m), adults 25-54 (4.1/09) and adults 18-49 (2.9/07).


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chris & Eric kids pics



We had this talk on Twitter about "blonde" and "brown-haired" guys recently which encouraged Chris & Eric to tweet pictures of themselves when they were little - and reeeaaallyyyy blonde... ;-)

Behind-The-Scenes picture

A little squished in the back of Callen's car... by @danielaruah

US TV schedule

Feb 21th 9pm @CBS - Blye, K. (3x16)

Feb 28th 9pm @CBS - Blye, K., Pt. 2 (3x17)

Mar 6th 9pm @CBS - Cyber Threat (3x02)

Mar 10th 8pm @CBS - Absolution (2x09)

Mar 13th 9pm @CBS - Deadline (3x04)

Daniela Ruah talks Kensi-centric two-parter


Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) never believed her father’s death was an accident, and on tonight’s episode of NCIS: LA, the agent comes closer to the truth than ever before, but it could come at a big price: her freedom.

In tonight’s episode, after a former member of her father’s sniper unit is killed, Kensi becomes suspect No. 1 just as the pieces of Kensi’s solo investigation into the incident start coming together. “She’s just trying to hold it together and figure this out because she’s so close, so close, to finding the truth about her dad. And, if you can put yourself in those shoes, you know how despairing that is,” says Ruah.

Read the whole article and see the new promo pic on

Daniela Ruah's On-Set Diary

If you've ever watched the lovely Daniela Ruah (AKA Kensi Blye on NCIS: LA) own some joker in a fight scene, you've probably thought, no way can her hair look that good during this scuffle. Special effects! I am sorry to tell you you're wrong--but you'll still love her amazing on-set photo diary on

Monday, February 20, 2012

Blye, K. (3x16) sneak peek


GRANGER: [to Deeks] You can go. [to Kensi] And you can have a seat.
DEEKS: You good ?
KENSI: Yeah.
GRANGER: Other side, Agent Blye.
KENSI: Suspects usually sit on the other side.
GTANGER: Yeah, they do... sit down...

Is Kensi a Killer ??

If you enjoyed the two episodes of “NCIS: Los Angeles” that delved into Special Agent G. Callen’s (Chris O’Donnell) mysterious past, you won’t want to miss the next two episodes of the CBS drama. In them, the book is opened on the life-changing incident that had the biggest effect on shaping Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) into the woman/agent she is today: the mysterious death of her father.

Read a great interview with Daniela about the upcoming two episodes "Blye, K." and "Blye, K, Pt.2" as well as working with the three guys...

About @phillydi...

Phillydi has enjoyed being a part of the NCISLAfamilia of fans since it first hit the airwaves back in 2009. Her love of everything Deeks and Densi grew out of that one tap of the Cornna bottle in Kensi's living room at the ending of The Job. Since then she has been writing Densi fanfics and episode reviews all centered around these two amazing characters.

Diane has been writing since college where she majored in radio and tv journalism. She specifically enjoys writing for children and has had three children's stories published. Diane also worked for the Navy for 12 years where she wrote feature stories for the base newspaper and miltary family newsletters.

She currently writes for fun and and some profit and has been motivated by all the screenwriters at NCISLA and calls them her mentors even though they don't know it yet!

Diane will be sharing her views on various topics that come up from time to time relating to the crew and cast of the show in her new column for NCIS Los Angeles FAN blog: In the Bullpen.

In the mean time you can check out her NCISLA fan fics on and her weekly Densi-based reviews of each episode the day after on in the forum section.

Diane would like to thank sindee at NCIS Los Angeles FAN blog and Gwen at for letting her get the love out for this great show through her writing and also a big thanks to all the fans she has met along the way.
It truly is a great family!

Eric Christian Olsen at Sundance Film Festival 2012

Watch a short clip of Eric signing autographs at the Sundance festival on

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Crimeleon (3x15) video

The killer tells Callen over the phone that all he cares about is killing Callen. Later, NCIS Assistant Director Owen Granger (Miguel Ferrer) admits he is not there to bring down the NCIS team, but to catch a killer.

Watch full episodes of your favorite show at

NCIS: Los Angeles starring Chris O'Donnell, LL Cool J, Linda Hunt, Daniela Ruah, Barrett Foa, Eric Christian Olsen, Renée Felice Smith on CBS Tuesday's @9pm.

Crimeleon (3x15) video

NCIS Assistant Director Owen Granger (Miguel Ferrer) blames Callen for letting the killer escape, and for the lives he has taken since. Later, the investigation leads Deeks to a bar where his not so friendly ex-girlfriend works.

Watch full episodes of your favorite show at

NCIS: Los Angeles starring Chris O'Donnell, LL Cool J, Linda Hunt, Daniela Ruah, Barrett Foa, Eric Christian Olsen, Renée Felice Smith on CBS Tuesday's @9pm.

Crimeleon (3x15) video

After Kensi gets a knife pulled on her, the team realizes that they have been set up by the killer and are being stalked by him as he kills the Interpol agent.

Watch full episodes of your favorite show at

NCIS: Los Angeles starring Chris O'Donnell, LL Cool J, Linda Hunt, Daniela Ruah, Barrett Foa, Eric Christian Olsen, Renée Felice Smith on CBS Tuesday's @9pm.

Crimeleon (3x15) video

When Kensi goes undercover at a trendy, upscale bar, she admits that she is Deek's type. Later, Callen follows a suspicious man who was eying Kensi.

Watch full episodes of your favorite show at

NCIS: Los Angeles starring Chris O'Donnell, LL Cool J, Linda Hunt, Daniela Ruah, Barrett Foa, Eric Christian Olsen, Renée Felice Smith on CBS Tuesday's @9pm.

Crimeleon (3x15) video

Callen and Hanna find out that they must track down a chameleon-like killer who has evaded law enforcement agents, including Callen himself!

Watch full episodes of your favorite show at

NCIS: Los Angeles starring Chris O'Donnell, LL Cool J, Linda Hunt, Daniela Ruah, Barrett Foa, Eric Christian Olsen, Renée Felice Smith on CBS Tuesday's @9pm.

Crimeleon (3x15) video

Two men are blackmailed and then blown up in their car by a mysterious man. Meanwhile, before the team begins investigating the case, everyone shares some playful banter over a healthy blend that Kensi is drinking.

Watch full episodes of your favorite show at

NCIS: Los Angeles starring Chris O'Donnell, LL Cool J, Linda Hunt, Daniela Ruah, Barrett Foa, Eric Christian Olsen, Renée Felice Smith on CBS Tuesday's @9pm.

Anonymous (2x07) rerun

Tune in when NCIS Los Angeles is broadcasted on a special night... TODAY (Sat 02/18) on CBS at 9pm...

"Anonymous" - After a state department employee and a plastic surgeon are murdered by a group of terrorists, the NCIS team must frantically search for the only witness who can identify the killers' surgically altered faces.

NCIS: Los Angeles starring Chris O'Donnell, LL Cool J, Linda Hunt, Daniela Ruah, Barrett Foa, Eric Christian Olsen, Renée Felice Smith on CBS (usually) Tuesday's @9pm.

LL Cool J wins NAACP Image Award

"Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series" went to LL Cool J in this year's 43rd NAACP Image Awards Ceremony.

Pictures of LL and his lovely wife Simone at the event on

Daniela Ruah meets Tim Tebow

"Mr Tebow & I at @llcoolj 's Grammy party last week. That's a lot of stripes." by @danielaruah

Friday, February 17, 2012

Crimeleon (3x15) music

Someone over on FB posted this info...

Chris Lake and Lazy Rich ft. Jareth - Stand Alone
Adrian Lux ft the Good Natured - Alive
Bella - Off With Their Heads

1st & 3rd song yet to be released... so waiting is all we can do atm...

Inside Scoop ***NEW***

Insider here! So why does Monty like NPR so much? I went to the source to find out. No, not the dog who plays Monty but the writer who conceived the character.

Read the whole inside scoop on