Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blye, K. (3x16) review by @mokibobolink for @TVEquals

In this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, called “Blye, K.” we finally find out exactly why Kensi went to Hawaii. We knew it had something to do with her father and in this one we learn quite a bit about him. Turns out she thought he was a former sniper killed in a very suspicious car accident, but really he was government sanctioned assassin killed in a very suspicious car accident.

When all the men who were also in Kensi’s dad’s unit start showing up dead in their own suspicious accidents, the evidence seems to point straight to Kensi. The team is stuck between a rock and a hard place, trying to investigate the latest murder but not wanting to find evidence that will put their partner away. Granger tells the team that he believes Kensi only joined NCIS to get to the truth about her father’s death and then kill those she felt were responsible. I admire Kensi’s spirit and I know she never backs down from a fight, but there’s no way I would ever believe she would go out on a killing spree like that.

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