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Linda Hunt signing autographs at CBS Upfronts 2011

Behind-the-scenes picture

Shadow play with Linda Hunt as Hetty Lange shared by @fiann1 (2011).

Barrett Foa in Portugal

Barrett Foa in Portugal

Ambrosia's Hetty, Nell & Eric story

Low Risk

With Callen and Sam testifying all week in court, Deeks out with a badly sprained ankle and Kensi taking care of her partner, the Office of Special Projects was really quiet.

“It’s eerie,” Eric said as he sat beside his partner in a horrible Hawaiian blue and yellow pineapple printed shirt and grey board shorts, backing up files to external drives. “I just...”

“Expect one of them to walk in,” Nell finished she pulled at the hem of her green swoop neck dress that she wore over brown tights, her little deep chocolate brown boots tapping against the floor.

“Yeah,” Eric replied spinning around in his chair. Long ago he had ceased being bothered by Nell’s habit of finishing his sentences, now it just served to show how well they worked together, always on the same page. “Quiet week, and we’ve nearly finished backing up files.”

“And the file room has been completely reorganised,” Nell said fussing with a stray bit of hair that had escaped her perfect order.

Eric smiled, he knew that she had gone in, seen one file out of place and quickly gone about completely destroying the room before putting it back together. “It looks fantastic,” Eric said. “I can easily find everything now.” A satisfied smile lit up Nell’s face and his smile broadened.

The automatic sliding doors opened with a quiet woosh of air and Hetty walked in. She looked immaculate as always in a charcoal grey suit, a golden leaf pin on her lapel, a file in her hands. “Mr Beale,” she greeted as she stepped forward. “Miss Jones,” and with that she dropped the file between them.

“What’s this?” Eric asked curiously as he opened the file. Nell leaned in to see as well, their shoulders bumping together. Nell flushed and moved just slightly away.

“A new operation,” Hetty said slowly.

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Renée Felice Smith interview

Just imagine you could sit down with Renée Felice Smith and talk with her about... anything...

Leave a comment with the question(s) you would ask Renée Felice Smith if you'd have the chance to meet her ?? Who knows what will happen... ;-)

ComicCon 2011 Give-Away Sneak Peek

@barrettfoa, @reneefsmith and @ericcolsen show us a sneak peek of the great giveaways for ComicCon 2011 - tees with Hetty quotes...

Follow all the CBS action on the ComicCon 2011 via @CBSatComicCon.

Picture in this post ©CBS. Click on pics to view original size...

Barrett Foa interview

Just imagine you could sit down with Barrett Foa and talk with him about... anything...

Leave a comment with the question(s) you would ask Barrett Foa if you'd have the chance to meet him ?? Who knows what will happen... ;-)

Linda Hunt interview

Just imagine you could sit down with Linda Hunt and talk with her about... anything...

Leave a comment with the question(s) you would ask Linda Hunt if you'd have the chance to meet her ?? Who knows what will happen... ;-)

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Behind-the-scenes picture

Barrett Foa (Eric Beale) and Linda Hunt (Hetty Lange) having fun on the set...

Renée Felice Smith - Nell Jones

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Twitter Update

Hetty's back... is Hetty back ?? :-)

source: jacqniv's instagram (2011)

Best Friends "Fix at Four"

Linda Hunt narrated the spot for this great cause...

Learn more about the campaign on their website -

Barrett Foa interview on The Insider

Check this interview on The Insider with Barrett Foa our gorgeous tech operator Eric Beale on NCIS: Los Angeles.

Barrett Foa candids from Comic-Con

this one really enlightens my heart... Much love, Barrett !!
source: entertainmentkaleidoscope by Jennifer Schadel

Barrett Foa - Eric Beale

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Twitter Update

It's Hetty !!!

source: fiann1's instagram

Catching up with Renée Felice Smith & Barrett Foa at Comic-Con

Video is courtesy of CBS.

Behind-the-scenes picture

Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt) doing what she likes to do the most - pouring tea... pic shared by @jacqniv

Behind the Scenes video

As thanks for reaching the 1.1 Million fan mark on FB @barrettfoa released this vid in which he shows his trailer, talks about episode "Rocket Man" & the season's finale episode "Familia" - all filmed by lovely Renée Felice Smith.

Calling Fan Fiction Writers...

... for a submission to our character week for Hetty, Nell & Eric...

Send your story around those three characters to and we'll publish it at the end of the character weeks...

genre: all
language: English
length: <= 4000 words
deadline: June 27th, 2012

This is for the fun of writing and reading... you'll be published on our blog & website... :-)

Linda Hunt narrates Sacred Earth Movie

As seen on public television.
Connect your spirit to ancient truths of nature on a mystical and healing journey through sacred lands of the American Southwest. Emmy Award winning director Jan Nickman combines his breathtaking cinematography with a deeply moving original soundtrack by Grammy nominated composer David Lanz.

Academy Award winning actress Linda Hunt delivers the evocative spoken words.

Together they have created a one-of-a-kind field trip for mind, body, and soul.

Shot in brilliant HD and featuring world-renowned flautist Gary Stroutsos and First Soloist of the National Ballet of Canada Caroline Richardson.

Available on DVD and Blu-ray at

Barrett Foa Scholarship at Interlochen Arts Camp

Barrett Foa, an Interlochen alum and actor on NCIS: LA, funded scholarships to help two musical theater students attend camp at Interlochen for the 2011 season. On July 30 he visited camp to speak with students and meet his two scholarship recipients, Joe Hill and Ben Biggers.

source: Sam Oldenburg

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Linda Hunt "We're all here - we're all together"

...with Renée Felice Smith...

Behind-the-scenes picture

Linda Hunt as Hetty Lange prepping for a scene on the climbing wall...

Barrett Foa Establishes Camp Scholarship

Recently, Camp alumnus Barrett Foa established the Barrett Foa Musical Theatre Scholarship. It will be given annually to a high school camper studying musical theatre who shows strong potential for growth. “Crescendo” asked Barrett to share his thoughts about establishing the scholarship and how his own Interlochen experience has shaped his life and career so far.

Read all about it:

Who’s In Bed With – Renée Felice Smith

Renée Felice Smith was only supposed to be on NCIS: Los Angeles for six episodes. As she puts it, “I just kind of stuck around.” The truth is, the producers enjoyed the depth and chemistry her character, intelligence analyst Nell Jones, brought to the story lines, and they made her an integral part of the show.

Acting is nothing new for this NYU Tisch School of the Arts honors graduate. A year before she joined the cast of NCIS: Los Angeles, she appeared in the off-Broadway production of Wildflower. Yet, for all the love this native New Yorker has for the arts, her passion for animals runs just as deep. This past June her French Bulldog, Hugo, turned 3. To Smith, he is much more than a pet; he’s her inspiration. So much so that Smith is developing a children’s book series starring Hugo.

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Chris O'Donnell birthday card

Please join us in wishing a very Happy Birthday to Chris O'Donnell who celebrates his birthday on June 26th.
Happy Birthday, Chris!

***BREAKING NEWS*** Eric Christian Olsen Marries Sarah Wright

Eric Christian Olsen is officially off the market.

The NCIS: Los Angeles star tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, actress Sarah Wright, on Saturday near Jackson Hole, Wyo., his rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

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Honor (3x07) behind-the-scenes picture

source: @jacqniv's instagram

NCIS: Los Angeles actor Barrett Foa interview

@barrettfoa has starred in two of the decade's most popular Broadway shows, Avenue Q and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and was in the original Broadway cast of Mamma Mia!. Foa moved to Los Angeles nearly two years ago, kicking his television career into high gear with guest starring roles on "Entourage," "The Closer," and "Numb3rs." He can currently be seen on the CBS drama "NCIS: Los Angeles," where he plays tech genius Eric Beale.

Read more:

Barrett Foa at Trevor Live

...performing with GLEE's Warblers... a jazzy version of "Jingle Bells"...

Season 2 Wrap Party

It's official... season 2 is wrapped...
Many thanks to @barrettfoa & Renée Felice Smith for another great one !! Looking forward to season 3 !!

Pictures via @andysound & @jacqniv.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Twitter update

NCIS Los Angeles crew member Andy Adams shares this pic of the shooting with Barrett Foa and Rocky Carroll as Eric Beale and Leon Vance...

Barrett Foa & Renée Felice Smith interview on Comic-Con 2011

@mokibobolink for @daemonstv (now @tvequals)...

Linda Hunt - Henrietta Hetty Lange

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@barrettfoa & @pauleyp speaks at 27th Annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles in West Hollywood

source: diversitynews youtube channel

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Renée & Barrett at Comic-Con 2011

via @reneefsmith's official twitter

Vote for Linda Hunt in the Teen Choice Awards

Go to and vote for Linda Hunt - NOW & every day again...

NCIS: Los Angeles actor Barrett Foa at Flip Flop festival

@barrettfoa was one of our celebrity judges at the Flip Flop Festival. I don’t want to creep him out by saying to many good things about him, but you should all look into being a fan of his.
Read the whole article on Chuck's blog.

NCIS: Los Angeles cast at G'Day USA 2011

Some of the cast attended G'Day USA 2011 Black Tie Gala on January 22, 2011 at Hollywood Palladium Hollywood, CA United States.

Watch pictures of Chris O'Donnell.

Watch pictures of LL Cool J.

Watch pictures of Daniela Ruah.

Watch pictures of Renée Felice Smith.

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The Cult of Linda Hunt

At 66 and four-feet-nine, Linda Hunt is an unlikely action heroine. But as the enigmatic Hetty Lange on “NCIS:LA,” Oscar winner Hunt has become a Teen Choice Award recipient and the show’s breakout character.

Linda Hunt is armed with iced tea. It’s a scorching September day on the set of CBS’ popular action series, NCIS: Los Angeles, in which Hunt, 66, plays Operations Manager Henrietta “Hetty” Lange, a tantalizing Rubik’s Cube of a character whose inscrutability is both one of the show’s best weapons and Hetty’s as well. Prone to keeping secrets, Hunt’s Hetty is a polyglot, Olympic medalist (for the small bore rifle), former Hollywood costume designer, mountain climber, and pilot. She’s also deadly, as proven by a recent episode in which she executed several armed men without even leaving her chair, sliding a gun from a hidden compartment in her sleeve and killing the Romanian mobsters around her.

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Barrett Foa - For The Record: John Hughes - Show At Barre

Danke Schoen, Twist And Shout...

NCIS: Los Angeles actor Barrett Foa on Entertainment Weekly red carpet

Michael Ausiello talks to @barretfoa on the red carpet of Friday’s 2010 Entertainment Weekly and Women in Film pre-Emmy party.

Watch the interview.

Barret Foa and Renée Felice Smith attend 7 For All Mankind 10th Anniversary Celebration

Watch pictures on

Visit 7 For All Mankind website

Linda Hunt: A 4-foot-9 force of nature on 'NCIS: LA'

In the grayness of the NCIS: Los Angeles armory — all handguns, knives and rifles — Hetty Lange and Agent G. Callen square off, armed only with their wits. There's little action but lots of drama. Hetty's clandestine past is slowly being exposed.


Picture in this post ©Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY

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NCIS: Los Angeles actress Linda Hunt interview

Linda Hunt, Henrietta Lang on NCIS: Los Angeles, is cool with rapper on NCIS: Los Angeles.

As to what she’s learning from her younger co-stars, Hunt says, "Oh, wow, that’s a very good question. I don’t know if I can answer it. If anything, I would say that, from both Chris and Todd, because they have so much to do on a daily, weekly basis, I am learning to just let it go a little bit, because they have to."

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Blye, K. Pt.2 (3x17) pic

Linda Hunt and Renée Felice Smith - as well as Barrett Foa and LL Cool J in the background - at the table read of NCIS Los Angeles episode "Blye, K., Pt.2" (3x17).

source: @davekalstein

Linda Hunt attends CBS Upfronts 2011

... with Chris O'Donnell & LL Cool J...

Linda Hunt about her role Hetty Lang

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Renée & Barrett interview by @michaelausiello

... for @tvlinenews...

When NCIS: L.A.’s nerdy superstars, Barrett Foa and Renee Felice Smith, took the hot seat — that is, the TVLine sofa at Comic-Con — they teased with talk of an Eric/Nell hook-up.

Raed the whole story on

Behind-The-Scenes picture

Renée Felice Smith & Barrett Foa

source: @jacqniv's instagram

Behind-the-scenes picture

This picture with Linda Hunt as Hetty Lange and Daniela Ruah as Kensi Blye was shared by @andysound.

Vengeance (3x19) behind-the-scenes picture

This lovely picture with Renée Felice Smith & Barrett Foa was shared by @jacqniv.

Behind-The-Scenes picture

Lovely Linda Hunt & Renée Felice Smith... shared by Renée... taken by Barrett Foa...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Q & A with Barrett Foa and Renee Felice Smith

Playing opposite each other as tech operator/surfer Eric Beale and intelligence analyst Nell Jones on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Barrett Foa and Renée Felice Smith certainly have different personalities and tastes. We asked them about their eating habits; here’s what pleases their palates.

Read the whole article.

picture source: Barrett Foa's twitter

Twitter Update

@reneefsmith & @barrettfoa looking REALLY cute... :-)

source: jacqniv's instagram

Renée Felice Smith at TCA Party

Actress Renée Felice Smith arrives at the TCA Party for CBS, The CW and Showtime held at The Pagoda on August 3, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California.

Watch all pictures on

Behind-the-scenes picture

This picture with Linda Hunt as Hetty Lange was shared by @andysound.

Character Week "Hetty, Nell & Eric"

Welcome to our character week featuring Linda Hunt as Henrietta "Hetty" Lange...

... Renée Felice Smith as Nell Jones...

... and Barrett Foa as Eric Beale.

We'll digg up interviews, pictures, videos and behind-the-scenes pictures of those three for your entertainment... so come back often and have fun !!!