Thursday, June 28, 2012

Barrett Foa - Eric Beale

What do YOU like about our one and only Eric??

Tell us why YOU should be named our #1 Eric fan... we might have a surprise for you... :-)


Diane said...

How can you not love our techie geek? I think Eric says it best when he says to Sam. "just because I make it look easy doesn't mean it is!". I think that says it all. We take for granted how good he is and expect him and Nell to perform miracles all the time. And they do only because they are the best. There's no one else out there better.

AmbrosiaRush said...

For his horrible Hawaiian inspired shirts and flip flops that drag sand into the ops centre.

For his ability to keep a cool head during an operation and keep everyone safe.

For his awkwardly ill-timed comments.

For that gorgeous smile :)

For his amazing partnership with Nell and how he plays off the other agents.

For keeping the field agents safe with his tech savvy.

For his wonderfully styled hair.

For whistling at the agents!

For riding around on a segway.

For those terrible glasses that only he could manage to pull off.

For not wanting to carry a gun.

For knowing ASL.

For being brave enough to steal a flower from Hetty!


Seriously, what's not to love?