Friday, June 29, 2012

Ambrosia's Hetty, Nell & Eric story

Low Risk

With Callen and Sam testifying all week in court, Deeks out with a badly sprained ankle and Kensi taking care of her partner, the Office of Special Projects was really quiet.

“It’s eerie,” Eric said as he sat beside his partner in a horrible Hawaiian blue and yellow pineapple printed shirt and grey board shorts, backing up files to external drives. “I just...”

“Expect one of them to walk in,” Nell finished she pulled at the hem of her green swoop neck dress that she wore over brown tights, her little deep chocolate brown boots tapping against the floor.

“Yeah,” Eric replied spinning around in his chair. Long ago he had ceased being bothered by Nell’s habit of finishing his sentences, now it just served to show how well they worked together, always on the same page. “Quiet week, and we’ve nearly finished backing up files.”

“And the file room has been completely reorganised,” Nell said fussing with a stray bit of hair that had escaped her perfect order.

Eric smiled, he knew that she had gone in, seen one file out of place and quickly gone about completely destroying the room before putting it back together. “It looks fantastic,” Eric said. “I can easily find everything now.” A satisfied smile lit up Nell’s face and his smile broadened.

The automatic sliding doors opened with a quiet woosh of air and Hetty walked in. She looked immaculate as always in a charcoal grey suit, a golden leaf pin on her lapel, a file in her hands. “Mr Beale,” she greeted as she stepped forward. “Miss Jones,” and with that she dropped the file between them.

“What’s this?” Eric asked curiously as he opened the file. Nell leaned in to see as well, their shoulders bumping together. Nell flushed and moved just slightly away.

“A new operation,” Hetty said slowly.

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Diane said...

How can you not love a pug story with Nell and Eric! Perfect!