Sunday, February 26, 2012

Barrett Foa interview at 2nd Hollywood Rush

Steven Escobar Interviews NCIS: LOS ANGELES star Barrett Foa at 2nd Annual Hollywood Rush

DN: Hi Barrett, this is Steven from diversity News TV & diversity News magazine. So tell me why are you involved with this charity ?
BF: This is a charity that is near and dear my heart. I have some friends who are no longer friends because of this crazy drug. So I wanted to be sure to support anyone who is going through any of this crazyness.
DN: And also I have noticed - I've been watching your TV show and I see that you are very involved with this gay community.
BF: Yeah, the AIDS walk... I did a ton of AIDS walks in New York because the Broadway community is very involved with AIDS organizations. I've been doing the AIDS walk since I was in high school. And then I did the Trevor Project. Did I see you there?
DN: No.
BF: No, it wasn't you. Sorry. So the Trevor Project. Yeah, looks like I am. They are all super-worthy causes.
DN: So you really are very good supporter with this kind of charity. I have you watched getting involved with the community... and giving back.
BF: Yeah, I mean it's rewarding like any kind of charity work that you do - it's great.
DN: I can also say that I like your performance on TV. NCIS... LA... It's very funny - with your co-workers as well.
BF: Yeah. She's here tonight. Renée Felice Smith - who plays Nell.
DN: So, if people want more information on you or your career.
BF: You can look for me on Twitter @BarrettFoa and there's a Facebook Page "Official Barrett Foa".
DN: Thanks.
BF: Thanks. Good to meet you. Bye guys.