Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blye, K., Pt. 2 (3x17) trivia

tweets from @davekalstein re last night's ep...

Pizza: $75. Wine: $100. Watching @BarrettFoa & @reneefsmith act out what Eric & Nell would REALLY have said during commercials? Priceless.

Also surreal: @BarrettFoa singing lyrics along with the NCIS:LA opening credit music. His Broadway peeps in NY came up with f'ing LYRICS.

Special guest at Chez Kalstein for last night's show? @DanielaRuah's real-life mother! Watching them watch the show was...surreal.

Want to know more about Kensi's bad-ass fighting style on last night on NCIS:LA? Check out and follow @RafaelKayanan.

Insider info from NCIS:LA's "Blye, K., Part 2": the character of Don Blye (Kensi's dad) was voiced by Terrence O'Hara, the ep's director.

@JoeyWilson57's pic from last night's dissected: @ashleyisstupid, me, @DanielaRuah, an Olsen brother, @jonflick1.