Saturday, May 26, 2012

Backstopped (3x03) transcript

REPORTER: Oh, yet another beautiful morning in the City of Angels. The traffic's light coming out of Pasadena, toward downtown, with no construction or accidents to report. What a perfect day to commute, so, if you're driving into work, you should snap a photo for posterity's sake. Be something to show your grandkids.

♪ ♪

[The camera follows a black SUV and a Sedan heading to Colorado Boulevard. The car overtakes the SUV. And then accelerates. (tires squeal)(engines roaring) All of a sudden the SUV blows up! A huge explosion has just entirely destroyed it!]

REPORTER: What was that? Okay, we have an SUV that's just exploded. We're gonna try to to get down. It is a scene of absolute chaos. Max, are we getting this?

[Max is filming...]

-------------------- ZAPPING -------------------

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