Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lone Wolf (3x06) transcript

[A woman is walking and speaking on her cell phone. Well actually she’s listening to a recorded message].

FORBES: This is David Forbes. I'm not in right now. Leave a message.

WOMAN: David, it's me again. I think I'm being followed. I need to see you now. Call me when you get this.

[She looks worried, looks around and walks hastily. She stops in front of a big man with tattoos who stares at her. She’s scared! But the man was looking behind her, and a large smile lights his face when he hears:]

GIRL: Daddy!

GIRL: Daddy!

MAN: Hey! Hey, guys. How are you?

[He hugs two little girls! The woman starts walking again, still worried and looking around]

(Motorcycle engine revving)

[The motorcycle stops just ahead of the woman. The passenger jumps down. We hear gun cocking]

WOMAN: No! No! No!

[But the automatic weapon throws its bullets, and the woman crashes in the shop window behind her, among large balls] (People screaming)[The shooter comes close to her and grabs her bag. He gets on the motorcycle and it moves off…but a few seconds later they hit a car leaving a parking lot. (Tires squealing) Both men are thrown to the ground. The driver doesn’t move anymore…The passenger/shooter gets up and flees with the bag and the weapon]

-------------------- ZAPPING -------------------

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