Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sacrifice (3x05) transcript

[A SWAT team rush outside from a van, heading to an assault against a warehouse. One of them crashes the door with a battering ram…and it blows up!!(Explosion thunders)The blast throws the men backwards. They get up and have to protect from bullets shot inside! (Automatic gunfire, bullets ricocheting) [A SWAT man throws a teargas grenade and they follow it]

SWAT MAN: Go, go, go!

[Inside, two armed men are coughing. One of them is killed; the second tries to use again his automatic weapon and is shot before. A third guy appeared at the top of stairs and is hit too]

SWAT MAN: Clear!

SWAT MAN2: Clear!

[He runs outside: one of them is still lying on his back]

SWAT MAN2: Evans! Evans!

[He checked the pulse and looks at their chief]

SWAT MAN2: Damn it.

SWAT MAN: Get the EMTs over here!

[He goes back inside]

MAN: (in distance): Base this is Delta One. We need EMTs here ASAP.

[SWAT officer turns the body over with his feet. They’ve tattoos]

MAN: Intel's good--two cartel soldiers. [He comes closer to the 3rd] Who's this one? He's definitely not cartel. [He’s Middle East type, has a long Islamist beard and wears a taqiyah]

MAN: Who the hell is this guy?

-------------------- ZAPPING -------------------

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