Friday, May 11, 2012

Neighborhood Watch (3x22) review by @mokibobolink

In tonight’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, called “Neighborhood Watch,” Deeks and Kensi go deep undercovers….oops I mean undercover. Sorry, bad joke. Couldn’t resist.

Anyway…Deeks and Kensi are living as a married couple in order to find out which of the very interesting neighbors is a Russian sleeper agent. Surprisingly enough, they find said agent pretty fast. Only trouble is, the agent wants out of the spy game and her handler makes quick work of killing her before she can do it.

The new goal then becomes to catch the handler, leaving Deeks and Kensi stuck playing house for a bit longer, which is extremely entertaining to watch. We’ve all seen the flirtations and there’s no denying that they each find the other attractive (I especially enjoyed Kensi’s leering in this one), but how do they react to being stuck in a house all day together and forced to play husband and wife? It doesn’t seem to be too great a hardship on them, after the obligatory complaints about bed hogging, housekeeping, etc.

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