Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sans Voir I + II (3x23 + 3x24) review by @mokibobolink

What Will Callen Do Now?

Last night’s season finale of NCIS: Los Angeles was called “Sans Voir,” which we find out during the course of the episode means “playing blindfolded.” Which is appropriate considering that it felt like the team was playing that way nearly the entire time.

A case comes across their desks, looking almost like any other until it comes out that the men killed are connected to Renko, who is currently undercover. Thinking his cover must surely be blown, the team goes in to save his life, only to have him shot right under their noses.

As the clues add up, soon Callen realizes just who they dealing with but knowing that it’s the Chameleon doesn’t prevent the man from taking out another one of their agents. Tying Hunter to the steering wheel of a car and blowing it up while the team watched was brutal, proving what lengths the Chameleon was willing to go to in order to exact his revenge against Callen. But even after they capture the man, he’s still in control. They continue to play blinded as they struggle with negotiating with him so that they can save yet another agent.

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