Wednesday, December 9, 2009

NCIS: Los Angeles - Search and Destroy (1x04) quote

G: Is that a frog?
SAM: It's a swan?
G: From where Chernobyl?
[G's looking at the *swan*.]
G: Is that a wing?
SAM: Yeah. It's a wing.
G: Why are there three of them?
SAM: There aren't three of them. That's the tail.
G: The tail? ... Nothing. ... I just didn't know that swans had tails.
SAM: Well, they do. A duck has a tail, right?
G: Maybe. ... It could be a duck then.
SAM: Keep it up. And you're gonna have to duck.
G: I'm just saying.

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sindee said...

I sooooo love, love, love that scene. Think it will be my all-time favorite.
CU sindee