Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NCIS: Los Angeles - Missing (1x13) song

The song played at the end of last nights #NCISLA episode was "See Me" by Rob Giles.

Unfortunately we found no downloading source yet.

At least we found the lyrics:

Been some times I've been a fool
Bent some hearts, broke some rules
My mistake yesterday
Like a swandive into an empty pool

From frozen coals a fire blazed
Like a non-believer who was somehow saved
We slow-danced around our grave
And blood rushed, the dead were raised

For you see me
see me

I was a dog, I was a stray
Nosing through trash in the alleyway
You'd feed me from the table if I'd just obey
You said "Lay down." You said "Stay!"

For you see me
see me

I have known you forever
But we have just begun
See what we've come through
Let's see what we'll become
Just let me be what keeps you ticking
'Til our time here is done
See me

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sindee said...

Sorry people, no downloading tipps ... If you want this song, check this post.
CU sindee

sindee said...

No comments about download sites, but thanks for the info "It's from the One Tree Hill soundtrack..."
CU sindee