Thursday, March 11, 2010

NCIS: Los Angeles Q of the Week

In this weeks #NCISLA episode we've learned that G would have been happy to go to the Bahamas.

What do you think where the other team members would like to spend their holidays??
Surfing? Skiing? Hiking? Disneyland? City trip? Visiting the family?
Tell us your thoughts.

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sindee said...

I think Eric and Dom would take a week off to go to a geeky convention. Nate would spend his time in nature, either ocean or mountains - maybe with his family. Kensi would definitely make a tour through theme parcs with spectacular rollercoasters and Sam would do some charity work in the neighbourhood. Hetty would make a trip to Rome or Venice.
But still I have this image of G hitting the beaches... ;-)
CU sindee