Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NCIS: Los Angeles Q of the week

Thanks to @RickCMJ we want to spread a question to the world...

Imagine the shipper pairing of our lady special agent Kensi Blye and LAPD liason Marty Deeks.

Would that be Densei or Keeks?

Other suggestions are welcome !!


Daniela Ruah said...

Keeks for sure! LOOOOOOL

Hugs and Kisses,
Ana :)

Rick said...

Densi and Keeks were the 1st two options I thought of.
If you take their first and last names you could come up with other name combos -
Kensi & Marty - Mensi or Karty
Blye & Deeks - Bleeks or Dye

That said, I have to say I prefer the options of either Densi or Keeks. (& I'm leaning towards Densi) hehe

sindee said...

Great suggestions, Rick.

I'd go for Keeks just as Ana does.

BTW, I'm hoping most people will board this ship instead of the G/Kensi one. Couldn't stand that thought at all...

CU sindee

Anonymous said...

Surely no haha

I prefer Kensi with Callen. My opinion!

Rick said...

Isn't it funny that the person that posts a message of a differing opinion they post anonymously. (just an observation).

I had heard of some ppl who like the G & Kensi pairing. While they do physically make a very attractive couple, the character of G is not one to get involved in any type of relationship. And, I certainly wouldn't want Kensi treated the way G treats his women. Even the woman who was the mother of the boy he thought was his child, he just didn't give a crap about her. She was just a job. Callen is too entirely walled off from his emotions to know how to really treat a woman properly.

But, that isn't the topic of this particular thread. So, I'm now returning to the naming of this particular pairing of Kensi & Deeks.