Thursday, May 6, 2010

NCIS: Los Angeles - Found (1x21) thoughts

Not only was Dom back in this episode, but also Moe had a very important part.

What do you think of his role in this epi?
Were did he go after the shooting? Will Sam find him? Forgive him?


sindee said...

I was kinda shocked to see Moe being involved in Dom's abduction. So was Sam as you could tell from his face.

Moe turning to Dom and helping him showed that he's a good guy deep within and was forced to work for Kalil.

G killing the bad guy with the red turban had me on the edge of the seat. Was very relieved to see it was not Moe.

Can't wait to see how Moe's story moves on. I think Sam will search for him and find him. I so hope he will forgive him. Moe's not a bad guy.

Thanks to Ronald Auguste for his great portraying of Moe !!!

Rick said...

Early on in the ep, I thought Moe was doing just what G thought, getting back at Sam for killing his father. By the end, I'd changed my perception of it.
I'm now convinced that while at the youth center, Moe found out that the terrorist group was planning on taking Dom and he decided to "become involved" in the group in order to make sure that he was there to help Dom. I believe he knew all along that at some point he'd set Dom free.
Yes, I believe that we will see Moe again and it will be a storyline where Moe & Sam have it out about what happened to Dom while held captive. Moe may very well be the person that gives the team closure over Dom's death.

Anonymous said...

I think Moe was angry when he found out Sam killed his father. Moe fell in with the wrong crowd as an escape.

Telling that Moe helped Dom escape. I do think that shows he has forgiven Sam.

When I realized it wasn't Moe that was shot, I thought Moe realized what a bad situation he had gotten himself into and got out before he had to face Sam or another member of the team.

I do think we will see Moe again.
Great acting by all!