Monday, July 19, 2010

NCIS: Los Angeles on Ask Matt

Question: Is there any word on whether or not the Marty Deeks character will be returning to NCIS: Los Angeles? I'm a die-hard traditional NCIS fan and I admit I was skeptical when the Los Angeles crew hit the scene, but I really enjoy it and two of my favorite episodes were the ones with Deeks. It reminded me of the change from Sasha Alexander to Cote De Pablo on NCIS: a change for the better. I mean Sasha was great, but Cote brought a new fresh angle and it's the same with the Deeks character. I love the added dimension he brought to the team. — Joy

Matt Roush: Good news. Not only will Deeks be back next season, but Eric Christian Olsen returns as a guest star in the season opener.

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