Thursday, November 18, 2010

Absolution (2x09) music search II

Can you name the song that was played int he background when G and Sam enter the Pacific Design Center ??
Only words would be helpful, too...


Anonymous said...

I have been trying to locate this song ever since the episode aired! Here are some possible lyrics. I am pretty certain about the four phrases below, but the words with question marks are maybe's. If YOU find the song, be sure to post it! I have your 'question' page bookmarked and I check it frequently.

Now tell me are you
Its over cause you
Out Somewhere
It’s all because you acted distracted

Fallen or falling?

Kaisa said...

I think there was somenting like this tell me are you out there, out somewhere...

and I heard: run away, fallen(ing) on my caution

But no matter how I tried to change phrases or words a bit - for the first time ever I really can't find a song :0

Anonymous said...

I (the original Anonymous) finally found it! The song is called "Runaway" by Madita. :)

Anonymous said...

and 2 years after the episode airs i find it, thank you!