Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shane Brennan at HRTS event "The Hitmakers"

During the panel @HRTSInfo Shane Brennan the Executive Producer of NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles - both airing Tuesday's at CBS - answered several questions.

Questioned about the biggest difference in producing a TV show in Australia or the US he admitted that it is all about "Money.".

During the panel Shane Brennan stated that it is difficult to work with such big crews. Crews are much smaller in Australia.

He revealed that producing a procedural show is a constant battle between the actual procedural part of the show and building the characters which in fact is the part that the audience is calling for.

In his opinion TV show producers have three episodes to loose a viewer. If you have one bad episode the viewer might see it as a one-time failure but turn on the next week. After the second bad episode there is this weird feeling about the show. With the third bad episode the viewer will definitely check the schedule what's on on the other channels.

All the above is out of my memories/notes during the live-stream of "The Hitmakers" at

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