Sunday, April 24, 2011

Inconsistency in Marty Deeks background

We have two different stories about Eric Christian Olsen's character Marty Deeks' father.

1. 2x03 Borderline
Deeks tells Kensi that the last thing his father said to him was "I hate you" right before he shot a shotgun at him which was six years ago.

2. 2x17 Personal
Hetty tells Deeks that his father - Gordon John Brandell - died in 1998 in a moto accident.

Your thoughts ??


Anonymous said...

My best theory is that part of what Deeks said in "Borderline" was true -- the shotgun part, as confirmed by Hetty in "Personal" -- and he just changed the timeline for whatever reason.

Anonymous said...

my thought is that he didn't feel like giving Kensi the whole story out there in the desert, and so made a thanksgiving joke out of it. But when thinking of who might want to kill him and faced with Hetty, he told the truth?

A stretch, I know. I'd be interested to see if the writers ever get back to it. They dropped a lot of interesting personal stuff (Kensi's Jack, Sam's kids...) without a lot of discussion after.

Viki said...

This is what I have come up with so far. If you would like to add or change anything please do

- Dad born 1969 (?)
- Deeks shot Dad when Deeks was 11
- Dad served 5 years of 7 yr sentence 1990(21)
- Dad released from prison 1995 (27)
- Dad died 1998 auto accident,(30)
- Dad came at Deeks with shotgun
- Deeks last saw Dad 6 yrs ago (2004 or 2005 Thanksgiving)
- DL from Hand2Hand states DOB of 1976

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice in the episode "Personal" that Gordon John Brandel, Deeks' father was born in 1969 only 10 years before Deeks was?