Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rocket Man (2x21) quote

Thanks to @ericcolsen's character Marty Deeks we have a new favourite word which is "FRELTED" of course.

We know some of you are not from the US or English speaking countries... how do you think "FRELTED" will be translated in your country ??

Leave your suggestions in the comment area... ;-)


Anonymous said...

In Spain, the word invented by the unofficial translation was "cognitio", they mixed the words


(sorry for my English)

Anonymous said...

in spain congetido

Ammani said...

in Holland this episode was aired yesterday. Here they translate Frelted as bevrelten. It comes from Bevroren (frozen) and smelten (melting.

Annalisa said...

In Italy it could be translated by the word "confuso" that is the mixing of words "congelato" (frozen) and "fuso" (melted) ;)

KateF said...

In Hungary it could be "falvad" fagyaszt (frozen) olvadt(melted) :D :D

Anonymous said...

in german: gefrolzen from 'gefroren' (frozen) and 'geschmolzen' (melted)