Friday, August 5, 2011

Backstopped (3x03)

OK... let's see what we know about episode 3x03 so far...

- it is called "Backstopped" (by @davekalstein)
- it is written by Dave Kalstein (by @davekalstein)
- it is directed by Terrence O'Hara (by @davekalstein)
- we'll see "Callen's brand spanking new and very (for now) mysterious special agent car" (by @davekalstein)
- it will feature a character called Hank Redman who will be played by Ethan Wilde (by
- we'll see Brandon Molale as a guest star (by @brandon_molale)
- we'll see Andrew Elvis Miller as a guest star (by @davekalstein)

- it involves an explosion (by fiann1's instagram)

What'd I miss ??? Tell me...

source: picture by @davekalstein


Ammani said...

Like you mentioned a few posts earlier: it involves an explosion!

sindee said...

right... thanks !! :-)