Sunday, September 11, 2011

5 Signs You’re Watching a Great Episode of NCIS: LOS ANGELES by @Mokibobolink

Welcome to the latest edition of my continuing series of “5 Signs of a Great Episode.” You can check out my Supernatural version here, my NCIS version here, and my Hawaii Five-0 version here.

For those unfamiliar with these articles, I am taking a closer look at my favorite shows to see what makes them tick and specifically what is it about certain episodes that makes me love them more than others. I’m finding the common denominators from my favorite episodes and listing out those bits that, when I see them on screen, signal that an episode could end up on the top of my list for that series.

This time I decided to take a look at NCIS: Los Angeles.

Hetty does something very….um, Hetty-like...

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