Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lange, H. (3x01) review by @mokibobolink for @daemonstv

Much like the premiere of NCIS earlier tonight, this premiere of NCIS: Los Angeles has left me reeling a bit. So much happened that I feel like I was barely keeping track of all the twists and turns.

First up there is Hetty’s story and how it weaves into Callen’s. We got a lot more information about her tonight but unless I missed it, no real details on how she came into his life. She mentions how she wasn’t able to save his mother and I have to wonder if that meant Hetty was an agent at the time and was somehow tasked with protecting his family? I’m still looking forward to finding out what really happened there.

We also found out a bit more about Callen’s family too, and the fact that the’s want him dead because of something his grandfather did. Is it just me or is that taking revenge just a wee bit too far? It’s not like Callen did anything wrong..well not then, anyway. Now he’s racked up his own Comescu body count so I have a feeling they’re going to keep right on hating him and possibly coming back for him again.

Tonight’s final blackout moment was anything but funny, with the sound of Hetty obviously hitting the floor after everyone realized she’d been shot. I would be a lot more worried about her fate if the preview for next week didn’t have her in it, but still that was quite a shocking ending to the episode. Now I’m curious to see what’s going to happen with her and Hunter and how soon Hetty will be back on the job.

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