Tuesday, October 25, 2011

America Olivo aka Eva Answers Some Burning Questions

...in this exclusive @daemonstv interview...

Last week, in the episode “Sacrifice”, we were introduced to a very interesting new character, Eva Espinoza (America Olivo), the sexy and deadly mexican police chief who seemed to have crossed Kensi and sparked a connection with Deeks

Daemon’s TV had the opportunity to chat with the enchanting America Olivo about her character, whether she will be back to NCIS: Los Angeles and what else we can see her in. Check out what she had to say below and don’t forget to read our review of the episode “Sacrifice”.

On getting the role

America Olivo: It came about through just standard casting. My husband and I live in New York now. He does a lot of theatre and I just finished doing a Broadway show and so we’ve been doing a new form of auditioning which is just auditioning on tape and sending it in rather than showing up and meeting producers and directors in person. So sometimes you wonder if you send these things out into the void and nobody pays attention.

So we continued to do this on tape thing and got a call from ‘NCIS’ saying, ‘Come on down.’ And to be honest, I was sort of like, ‘Wow. You don’t need to see me in person? Okay, great. Maybe my work is speaking for itself in other ways‘ And then when I showed up I mean I realized that the role was pretty intense. It involves a lot of physicality and fighting and dramatic turns from, you know, it’s a pretty intense guest star.

I thought maybe it’s just something that’s like I’m going to show up and say, ‘Hi. How do you do? Here’s your paperwork.’ But this was like full on. And then they’re like ‘Yeah. We’ve got this love interest and we’re going to see where that goes.’. And I’m going, ‘Oh, okay. Wow. Okay. This is much bigger than I ever realized. I’m surprised you just trusted my tape but fantastic for me.’ And then I later realized that that they had screened ‘Bitch Slap‘ which was a film that I did a few years ago which was a lot of fighting and physicality on that and said they needed somebody who was really physically- because I play a police chief from Mexico. And they need somebody who is really capable of taking down and can hold her own in a fight.

Read the rest of the interview over at DaemonsTV.

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