Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Deadline (3x04) music

According to two different sources the artist of this song is Zac Brennan.
It was written for this scene and is not available yet but will be on Zac's next album.

Zac, if you happen to read this... THANKS for writing this song !! It captures the *situation* perfectly...

We would be very happy to have the whole lyrics to post 'em here.
Getting the song is too much to ask, right ?? :-)

Maybe you can spoil us with more infos about you or your new album ??


CU sindee


sindee said...

oh... and if anyone's wondering... yeah... Zac's actually Shane Brennan's son... for those who don't know... Shane Brennan is THE creator of NCIS:LA... :-)

CU sindee

Kiana said...

Here's the website where I found my info and I sent an email to website's owner. Nothing back yet from the email I sent.

Sharon said...

January 2018 and STILL nothing! Comon Zac give it to us already!

Smo said...