Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Deadline (3x04) review by @mokibobolink for @daemonstv

You know, I’m not usually one to easily handle new members being added to the team. I wasn’t all that comfortable with Nell, but she eventually grew on me and now I love her. And as you’ve seen in my more recent reviews, I wasn’t all that happy with Hunter either.

But this week a new member was added to the team and I didn’t mind them at all. Sure, he may be a little smelly, he’s got very picky tastes when it comes to radio stations, and he has some psychological problems to overcome, but I think Monty is going to be a great addition to the team.

Okay I kid, the real story in this week’s episode was of course Callen finding out a whole lot about his past, and along with that a lot about Hetty’s past as well. I had guessed that Hetty was maybe in charge of protecting Callen’s family but I don’t think I ever guessed that Callen’s mother was working for the CIA. Turns out he comes from a long line of operatives, including his grandfather – which is where the feud with the Comescus started.

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