Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lone Wolf (3x06) review by @mokibobolink for @daemonstv

Tonight the team is after a killer after a woman is brutally executed in the middle of the street. Their search lands them close to home when they end up after a man who is an old friend of Hetty’s.

This sends Hetty undercover to get more info on the man, which ultimately leads to them discovering his guilt. But Hetty decides to repay Basser the favor of saving her life once and gives him the chance to take his own life and avoid prison. And while I understand Hetty’s action on a logical level, and indeed why Basser decided to do what he did, that ending left me feeling less than comfortable.

Luckily the overall feel of the episode wasn’t maudlin at all, with everyone on the team doing what they normally do to make a fun episode. Sam and Callen argue like an old married couple, Deeks and Kensi flirt and tease each other to hilarious results, Eric and Nell do their computer magic and Hetty is super cool. Funny how all that can erase any little bit of ickiness I felt over Basser’s end.

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