Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sacrifice (3x05) trivia

We learned about some of Sam's prized possessions that he keeps in his safe in the episode "Bank Job" (1x15)

- mint-conditioned Patrick Ewing rookie card
- football signed by the 1986 New York Giants
- Silver Surfer comic book series
- tickets for the Lakers/Nicks game
- Michael Jackson glove from the BAD tour in 87

According to the press release for tonight's episode "Sacrifice" "Sam’s most prized possession is stolen". You think it will be one of these things ??


Anatxu said...

A glove I'm sure XD Street stole the glove
Now, seriously, I think a bad guy kidnaps a member of his family, wife or child?

Ammani said...

It couldn't be the ticket to the game, because Callen and Sam went to the game. So the tickets are no longer there. Must be the glove, since Sam refused to talk about it at first.

Shonaille said...

I think the show would make a bigger deal about a 'wife' or child being kidnapped. That would be the focus of the ep, hetty would never expect Sam to work on a case while something like that happened.
My bet is on the glove.