Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Debt (3x10) review by @mokibobolink for @daemonstv

Oh boy, what a wild and wooly ride this episode took me on tonight. Here I was expecting an emotional episode akin to NCIS’s ‘Probie’ with Deeks killing an innocent man and dealing with the ramifications of his actions. But instead we get a huge twist in the middle when we discover the whole thing is a ruse to find a mole in the LAPD. The fact that they didn’t let Kensi in on it was perfect because I, like the bad guys, saw her reactions and believed it was all real.

Speaking of Kensi, can we talk for a second about the tension that was flying between her and Deeks in this one? Again here’s where having Kensi in the dark worked against me. I, like Kensi, saw Deeks’ stumbling attempt at a goodbye as something more than it was. In the end, when he explained how he saw Kensi (as just his “partner”), I really felt for her. I have been in her shoes (heck, I’m sure a lot of people have) and it sucks to realize that the things you thought meant one thing, actually meant something else. Though as much as I was kinda rooting for them, a part of me is okay with it ending like this for now. I’m perfectly happy to see them flirt for a while without it going anywhere.

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