Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Higher Power (3x11) review by @mokibobolink for @daemonstv

This episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, called “Higher Power”, was chock full of lots of Christmas tidbits. Whereas I was worried (for no reason as it turned out) about NCIS trying to do a serious Christmas episode, I could tell from the previews of NCISLA that they were going the fun route. No heavy moments (well, unless you count Sam and Callen nearly dying on a rooftop), just bunches of action and comedy. What more can you ask for in a Christmas episode?

The team is put on the case of a missing weapon that can knock out all the power (hence the title) in Los Angeles. That may sound like no big deal until you realize how many people need power to actually survive (and no, I’m not talking about people losing the use of their iPhones). While the team is out tracking down the bomb, Eric is put on the most important case of all – hunting down very special pony toy for Sam’s daughter. In the end, the bomb is diffused but more importantly that that, Eric makes the ultimate sacrifice – he gives Sam his own pony to give to the little girl.

Meanwhile, Hetty has decided that though they all have to work over the holidays, they should all try to enjoy themselves as well. She orders them to have some “merriment” once the case is solved and we got to see the team do what they do so well, just hang out and act like the somewhat dysfunctional family that they are. None of them can tell their real families what they do or why they have to work on Christmas, so in some ways, this group is a family of its own and it was entirely appropriate that they spend part of the Christmas together.

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