Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blye, K. Pt.2 (3x17) guest

Booked: NCIS: LOS ANGELES #317-65 "Blye, K., Part 2"
Additional Notes: Matthew just booked his recurring role of Detective Dan Evans! Matthew is keeping busy after just working "Whitney" last month, showing his versatility as an actor! Congrats Matthew!

source: kabookit.com

"Recurring role" ??


Anonymous said...


Yep, recurring role, he's already been in two eps :)

sindee said...

oh, thanks for the update... thought he was recurring "from now on"... right, he was the one with daughter & the captain's desk... LOL

G. Callen said...

hey sindee,
whats about 03x16?
does it have a name or is it named 'Blye, K, Part 1'?

if tere is a press release for 03x17 did you miss the 03x16th or is there noone yet?

sindee said...

I guess 3x16 will be "Blye, K., Pt.1"... no official press release yet (as for 3x17 as well)... will post as soon as it's out... :-)