Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Partners (3x14)

@davekalstein (writer of tonights new NCIS:LA ep "Partners") teased NCIS Los Angeles fans today with some pre-episode tweeting...

- New NCIS:LA tonight: "Partners" (Ep. 314). Written by me and @GilGrant... Fun game: See if you can tell who wrote which scenes.

- "Partners" includes some of the best acting @chrisodonnell & @llcoolj have done together. Smart, funny, effortlessly cool. Best duo on TV.

- In fact, the next 4 episodes of NCIS:LA just might be the best string of stories we've done so far. And not just because I wrote 2 of them.

- Tonight: @chrisodonnell & @llcoolj kill it. On 2/14: Two words...Christopher. Lambert. 2/21: "Blye, K., Pt. 1." 2/28: "Blye, K., Pt. 2."

- Yes, I wrote the scene shown in sneak peek for tonight's episode. You're good at this game...

All infos about new NCIS:LA episode "Partners" on our blog...

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