Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pushback (1x07) goof

Hetty & Nate talking about Callen...
HETTY: 37. From the time he was five til the age of eighteen he changed foster homes every few weeks and sometimes every few days.
NATE: And the longest he ever stayed in one place was with Alina Rostoffs family. Three Months.

I couldn't help but do some math... age 5 to 18 are 13 years or 156 months... even if Callen had been 3 months with every single one of his 37 foster families it would only add up to 111 months... mh... thoughts ??


Ammani said...
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Ammani said...

Besides the math, didn't Callen say some of the adresses weren't in his NCIS file? Then how come Hetty knows about them? In this episode I was wondering about that, but it is explained in season 3.

Anonymous said...


Hope you'll read this:
I'm living in Germany and this season starts on next Thursday (I'm lookong forward to it) and I want to know in which episodes especily?

Ammani said...

@ Anonymous

Somewhere in the first few episodes it is explained.
Enjoy watching them!

Anonymous said...

He Spent the first 2 years after he came to the US in an orphanage. And noone ever said that he didn't go to the same homes more than once. Hetty got him into every foster home to try to find him a new family (3x04 Deadline)