Thursday, March 15, 2012

Interview with Renée Felice Smith from Detachment

Movie Room Reviews recently spoke with Renée Felice Smith who plays Missy in Tony Kaye's new film "Detachment". Renée tells us about "Detachment", her recurring role on NCIS: Los Angeles, and her life off the big screen.

1. Hey Renée, congratulations on the upcoming release of your new movie “Detachment”! Can you tell us a little bit about your role as Missy and how it was working with unbelievable actors like James Caan, Adrien Brody, and Lucy Liu?

- Thanks so much! I play Missy, a little punk of a girl. She's in high school and she's pretty self righteous, pretty foul. She's rebelling hard and we can imagine things are rough at home. We see Missy in her weekly meeting with the school's psychologist (Lucy Lui). The scene is basically Lucy's breakdown in the film. My character's attitude pushes her over the edge and we see her crack wide open. It's pretty raw.

Lucy Liu was absolutely stunning- to watch, react to. Aside from being wickedly talented, she was completely present and supportive. I really enjoyed working with her.

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