Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brian Avers interview - send your questions...

Since we'll see Brian Avers as NCIS special agent Mike Renko back on our screens before the ending of NCIS Los Angeles' season three we thought it would be great to shed some light on the person that is Brian Avers... luckily he agreed to do an interview for our blog...

As if this wouldn't be awesome enough already he also agreed to answer QUESTIONS FROM FANS...

So, go ahead - post your questions to Brian in the comment section (no registration needed!) until Tuesday, April 24th.

Please understand that we only consider question posted in this comment section - no questions via Twitter or Facebook... thanks !!


Richtsje said...

Curious to know:
What did you do between the re-occurings in ncis la?
Which colleague in the series did you like most to be with behind the scenes?
Which scene do you like best of those eps you play in?

Great Brian, what a gesture to all the fans!

Greetz, Richtsje

Brittany said...

Which NCIS: LA episode is your favorite to film and why?

MommaJonson said...

First off thank you for taking the time to answer questions from your fans =)

Did you think your character would make such a big impact on fans?

You have been gone for so long, what have you been working on?

If you can answer this: What episode will you be appearing in?

Elora Dana said...

first off thank you for taking the time to answer question from your fans, my questions are

now it feels like returning to NCIS?
back to stoay or justo gives us a single episode? personally prefer the first

Gisela said...

If Renko was part of the team, who do you think should be his partner? Or could form a great partnership? (from Callen, Sam, Kensi, Deeks)

Callie said...

Danke Sindee, dass wir unsere Fragen auch auf deutsch stellen können. ;-))
Und hier sind auch schon meine:

Welche Ähnlichkeiten gibt es zwischen Renko und Callen??

Vor wem hast du mehr Angst: Hetty oder Gibbs??^^

Vielen lieben Dank für alles!

Cashkend said...

[Hope someone will re-write my questions in good English! :D]
Renko, your character in NCISLA, could tease Kensi, or have fun with Sam and Callen. Had you all the same fun on set in Season 1 or Legend?
You leave them 2 years ago –things changed: you never met Eric Christian Olsen or Renée Felice Smith on NCISLA set – have you this year? Did you meet new crew members? And what about things which didn’t change?
Do you still “feel the love” from NCISLA fans who didn’t see you since Burned? – [Hope you do, French NCISLA fans are delighted with your return!]

Anonymous said...

wonder if you are going to be on next season? Maybe all the time?

are you going to like the working? and have you ability to keep on this show?