Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Patriot Acts (3x20) review by @phillydi DENSI style - NEW w/ bromance moments

This is an exciting episode for me with one of my favorite characters returning to the Mission and his old teammates after a way too long (!) hiatus. Welcome back Peter Cambor! Our favorite Psych Ops was definitely missed! I often speculated if Nate was shuffled off to the Middle East (or where ever he was hiding out) because there was a little too much testosterone going on in the bullpen, especially with the addition of Deeks. But whatever the reason, I’m glad he’s back even if on an interim basis. Tonight Nate gets to use his psych powers not only to play an integral part in this week’s investigation but also to discover that there’s a new shipper relationship going on in Ops with Nell and Eric. (Maybe I should add a Nell/Eric Watch, eh?) Ever since season two in Lockup, when Nate acknowledges that he and Nell have know each other in a past life, fans have been speculating on just what the nature of their relationship could be. Tonight we get to find out.

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