Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Touch of Death (3x21) review by @phillydi

May sweeps are here and CBS throws its hat in the ring this week presenting a two-night crossover event with NCISLA and Hawaii Five-0. I have to admit I rarely watch H50 but was excited to see how the two shows would combine resources to showcase their talent and exotic locations. As Shane Brennan said, “You don’t have to watch both to love what’s going to happen.”

This time Callen and Sam are called over to the Islands to team up with the gang at H50. Together they hunt down an old nemesis who threatens to release a deadly virus into the populations. It was great to see Craig Robert Young back in action again as Dracul Comescu. The last time we saw Dracul he was in Romania, bloody and beaten and presumably one of the last surviving member of the Comescu family. You could see the hatred return to Callen’s face when Danno talks about Comescu. Next thing you know, our guys are drawn back into the drama of the blood feud.

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