Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ambrosia's Callen & Sam story

Dead End

G Callen knew why he was the one prepping to get a fist to the face. Dirty cop turns on his partner routine had a pretty good success rate and nine times out of ten he and Sam got the information they needed from it. Unfortunately for Callen, he was always the one to get a good punch to the face, after all, it was more believable that with Sam’s size, he would be the one to take down Callen with his smaller stature, besides, he fit in the trunk easier. Shaking out his hands he let out a couple quick breaths. “Okay, do it,” Callen said raising his head a little.

Sam hated the routine just as much as his partner did but they had little time to find out where those missiles were getting sent and didn’t have time to build loyalty the old fashioned way with the homegrown terrorist group. He hated having to hurt his partner, after all, a good portion of his job was to protect his partner. Sam’s hand balled into a fist, and he froze for a second. He really hated this plan.

“Just do it, you hit like a little girl anyways,” Callen taunted, wanting to get it done and over with.

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