Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Joey Wilson Birthday Card

NCIS Los Angeles writer Joey Wilson celebrates his birthday on July 26th.

Please join us in wishing him a very Happy Birthday !!


Diane said...

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite writers on TV! Can't wait to see your words jump off the page and on to the screen this season! Have a great day

Mako(onakasuitana) said...

Very Happy Birthday to my favorite writer! :)
I really love NCIS:LA episodes you wrote.
Specially I love "Sacrifice"!
There are many reaseon why. It's a really enjoyable episode.
But the biggest reason is the way to shown us Callen's mental condition,"Stage of grief"!
I was so surprised! and I also felt that's NCIS:LA!! :)
I love "Blye, K.part1" so much too.
Callen,Sam and Deeks's combination was so funny!! I want to see it more!!
I love "Full Throttle","Stand-off","Personal" and Mr.Carl so so much!!
Thank you so so much for showing us many Callen's funny and cute perspective!
I'm so looking forward to watching your episode!!
Happy Birthday to you,sir! Hope the following year will be another wonderful one!!

sindee said...

Happy Birthday from Germany !! Keep up the great work... can't wait what Season Four will bring us... CU sindee

MIssAlesig said...

Happy birthday Joey! Hope you have a wondeful day inside the #ncislafamilia and your family. Wish you'll contine to amaze us with your writing and yiur skills and a wonderful ncisla season 4, full of sucess!

Hmrmart said...

Happy Birthday, hope you have a great year.

LasiaMsinRed said...

Happy Birthday, Joey!

Thanks you so much for providing these great scripts for my favourite show NCISLA.
May this year of your life be full of joy, happiness and inspiration.