Friday, August 17, 2012

Elizabeth's Kensi&Deeks story

Kensi & Deeks

They were only half way through the week, but it felt like they had worked a week. The half filled pitcher of warm beer lay forgotten between Kensi and Deeks. They had been at their favorite pub for over an hour discussing everything from jobs to sports. Their conversation had finally waned and they sat across from each other, avoiding eye contact, and searching for more neutral conversation. A pall of uncomfortable silence enveloped them.
It had been this way for many months ever since Deeks had accidently acknowledged that there was a 'thing' during a stakeout. Kensi, shocked, had questioned it then, but Deeks had been unable to sidestep the subject and suggested that they discuss it over drinks. Prior to that Deeks had been denying that there even was a 'thing.' Now after many opportunities the time, so it seemed, had finally come. It was during quiet times like this, away from work, that the subject came close to the surface. Both of them unable or too afraid to breach the subject. Now, many opportunities later, there still had been no admission from either of them nor any further discussion about this undefinable 'thing' that had been steadily growing in their relationship.
In the past, they had used this awkward pause in their conversation to end their visit and head off to their respective homes each wondering when they would be brave enough to finally breach the subject of the 'thing'.

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jessied said...

Wow, It's so realistic. I could see this happen. And what a cliffhanger! MY GOD! *screaming* Please tell me there is a sequel (or one in progress).

Phuong Thao said...

so what will happen next? I really want to know will Densi still be dating?