Friday, August 17, 2012

Kadiedid's Kensi&Deeks story

Please Don't Go

It had been one hell of a day. A day Marty Deeks thought couldn’t possibly get any worse but four little words had sent him reeling. He felt as if he had been hit in the chest again and he wasn’t sure if he could handle it this time.
The day had started out simple enough but had gone downhill quickly. They had been in the bullpen discussing nothing and everything at the same time when Deeks noticed that Kensi wasn’t chiming in with her two cents worth.
“You okay Kens?” he asked when he didn’t receive her obligatory eye roll after his last innuendo had been lobbed in her direction.
“I’m fine,” she answered stiffly.
He let it go but when Sam and Callen left to go to the gym he got up and walked to her desk.
“Come on Kens, what’s wrong? I’ve made half a dozen comments this morning that should have sent you over the edge and you haven’t glared at me once. Spill it.”
“Deeks. Just drop it. I’m fine.”
“Obviously you’re not. I mean yes, you are clearly fine looking but…”
She looked up and glared at him but made no reply.
“There’s my girl,” he said grinning.
“Don’t call me that,” she said agitated.
“What? I mean you’re my partner who happens to be a girl so it stands to reason that you’re ‘my girl’. Sam and Callen can’t say that about their partners.”
She looked up at him and he could tell something was definitely wrong but he couldn’t quite get a handle on what it might be. He prided himself on being able to read her better than anyone else but this time he was at a loss.

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AmbrosiaRush said...

The beginning really drew me in, the entire story was a great mix of action and emotions, great job!