Monday, September 3, 2012

Eric Christian Olsen in Celeste and Jesse Forever - Review

The last thing Celeste and Jesse Forever needs is another review. The majority of the reviews have been positive and there is no denying that this movie is a fun, quirky and extremely enjoyable film. If you have ever split from someone you still love you’ll understand the basis for this screenplay but hopefully you’ll also get the point of the movie – which is you don’t always have to be right even if you are. I love when Celeste finally has her ‘ah ha’ moment at the end and she finally understands how important a revelation like this can be when it comes to making a relationship work.

Because it is such a well written film, I would have still spent ten dollars to see Celeste and Jesse whether Eric Christian Olsen was in it or not. Co-starring with Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg, I have wanted to see C&J since last year when one of my favorite behind the scenes pictures of Tucker (ECO) and Beth’s (Ari Graynor) wedding was leaked to the internet. The picture shows ECO and Graynor along with other members of the wedding party playfully smiling for the camera.

Having watched just about all of Eric’s movies, I was actually surprised that Olsen was featured as much as he was. Although if you’re an ECO fan, it’s never enough time on screen and you’re always hoping that one day he’ll get to play the romantic lead in a comedy or drama and not the supportive best friend.

His interaction with Graynor in many of their scenes with Jones and Samberg is fun to watch, despite the dissolution of a relationship going on all around them. At Tucker and Beth’s wedding, their first kiss was beautifully staged but even better was the sweet kiss he gives her on the shoulder during Celeste’s wedding toast. His side close up in that scene had ECO fans sighing around theatres. There are a lot of nice highlights throughout the film with Eric but if you enjoy the wacky side of our favorite actor, you’ll enjoy some of his innovative dance moves at the reception. A lot of giggles all around. It was nice to see Sarah Wright in a supporting role as one of the bride maids. It looked like it was a fun scene to shoot all around.

One of the highlights was Tucker and Beth dressing up as Justin Bieber look-alikes for a costume party. Actually, ECO looked like he was wearing one of Deeks’ undercover outfits! In fact if I had any problem with his appearance is that he looked so much like Deeks, I had to stop every now and then to remind myself I wasn’t watching an episode of NCIS:LA. It was a bit of a distraction but I was happy to see a clean shaven and wonderfully styled Tucker at his wedding.

There is a lot to recommend Celeste and Jesse Forever, but if you are an Eric Christian Olsen fan there is only one reason. Enjoy!

If you have had the chance to see the film, tell me what you think.

~ Phillydi


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Hello :) Where can I watch this film online? :)

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I know you're all looking forward to watching the film but please understand that we cannot give away details about online watching websites since it is not legal... any comments mentioning those kind of websites will be deleted... thanks for your understanding !! CU sindee