Monday, September 10, 2012

The launch of @ncislamagazine !!

Since 2009, you have followed us faithfully on NCIS:LA Fan Blog and we want to thank you!

With Season Four about to begin, we are undertaking an exciting new venture with the launch of NCIS:LA Magazine!

In order to give our incredibly loyal fan base a place to find everything they need about NCIS:LA at their finger tips, NCIS:LA Magazine will now connect you with all the different ways you can interact with the show. It’s one stop shopping! You will find past news, interviews, and photos easier to access along with uncovering all the breaking news as we get it.

Our name may have changed but we’re still your number one resource for all things NCIS:LA around the clock!
Find out all the latest and exciting news on Season Four, including interviews, reviews, original columns and daily breaking news.
By navigating through the above tabs you can also find achieved episode information and facts on the past three seasons. There will be an interactive forum soon where you can meet other fans and discuss the latest cast and crew news. Find out where the next meet up for NCIS:LA Familia will take place or you can participate in the site’s charity endeavors.

If you would like to become a part of this exciting new site, we are always looking for guest columnists or writers and designers to become a part of our team.
Let us know if you are interested by going to the Contact page.

We hope you will embrace NCIS: LA Magazine the same way you enjoyed NCIS:LA Fan Blog. We want it to be the first place you go to find out about your favorite show on the net. Log on to We know you’re going to love it there!