Thursday, February 25, 2010

NCIS: Los Angeles - Ambush (1x08) quote

Screenshot by sindee from All rights reserved.

[Sam sees the laser point on G forehead.]
SAM: Oh, this just keeps getting better.
G: Is it flickering? Feels like it's flickering.
SAM: That's because it's morse code.
G: Got it.
SAM: What?
G: That bobby pin. I started wearing it in the 90s. Haven't used it since.
SAM: That's the most well trained display of standard operating procedure I've ever seen from you.
G: Oh no.
SAM: What?
G: I dropped it.
SAM: You dropped... how could you drop it?
G: It kinda sprung. ... Oh, I got it. I'm good. Just keep reading the code.
SAM: Keep your head still.
G: Head still. Am I good?

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