Thursday, February 25, 2010

NCIS: Los Angeles - Ambush (1x08) quote

G: Why aren't we dead?
SAM: Cause they wanna found out if they are surrounded by 50 agents.
G: How long does that gonna take?
SAM: I'd say the time it takes to pack our buts out of here and realize no ones shooting at them.
G: Will they do that before or after they kill us?
SAM: After. Definitely after.
G: You wanna explain yourself?
SAM: Explain myself? I saved your skinny ass.
G: Let's see. I had a gun and a hostage before you got here. Now I'm chained up to a stove with a concussion. It's a nice save.
SAM: Ten more seconds. You'd have a dozen new bulletholes in you.
G: Now what?
SAM: I was hoping you had some ideas?
G: I'm thinking I want my gun and my hostage back.

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